Designs for Church Embroidery by Thomas Brown and Sons

Needlework Sale

Every morning, I look forward to that first glance at the day’s emails. There is always that bit of anticipation: what information is needed by someone, what information are others sharing with me, what events are taking place….. and the best news that came in over the weekend was a special anniversary sale on needlework supplies for use with Ecclesiastical Sewing Projects.

Hedgehog Handworks Annual Sale is one of the highlights of the year. My favorite linens, such as Alba Maxima, Ecclesiastical Linen and Alabaster Angel and

Silk Embroidery Floss for Ecclesiastical Sewing and hand Embroidery
Silk Embroidery Floss for Ecclesiastical Sewing and hand Embroidery

silk threads in a rainbow of colors and a variety of types are all on sale.  My favorite silk threads are Au Ver A Soie: Soie Ovale, Soie Paris, Perlee, and Soie d’Alger.  With the sale, it might be a good time to try out a few new silk thread types such as Gilt Sylke Twist. The Gilt Sylke Twist is described as follows:

This is the silk thread wrapped with gold wire that is being used in the Plymouth Plantation embroidery project. The gilt thread accent may look subtle – but wait until you see it sparkle in the light!


There are some great hand embroidery technique books available from Hedgehog Handworks. If you are interested in beginning an Ecclesiastical hand embroidery project,  check out this book for design inspiration  Designs for Church Embroidery.

Designs for Church Embroidery by Thomas Brown and Sons

This book is a step back in time. In the days when this “catalog” was published, one could visit a shop and purchase a design transfer of the desired image based on the number system used throughout the book.  Once in a great while, these treasures of the past sneak up and are a source of delight. But for those of us wanting to hand embroider Ecclesiastical items, this book is a great starting place for design ideas.

Silver Threads Ecclesiastical Sewing
Silver Threads

And what better time than a sale to give special threads in silver and gold a try?  Or how about delicate spangles?  The options are almost limitless, but not the time. The Sale at Hedgehog Handworks ends at the end of February.


Solo Dei Gloria

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  1. Well, I have returned from the course at Ely, and what a wonderful time it was. I was the only chap of course, but never mind! The design we worked on was inspired by a 15th C cope from the Cathedral’s collection, which was in the display. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take any pictures but there are some in the page I hope I am able to link to. Of course we didn’t get to finish the design in the 3 days, but we managed to have a go at all the techniques, and gain that first hand knowledge you can only get from sitting down with an expert.

    • I am so glad you had a nice time at the Ely Course. The design you worked is very beautiful. It is always nice when the special designs from the past can be reworked and used again today. Please be sure to share a photo when it is all finished. What a blessing to have 3 days with an expert instructor! The photos on facebook are great. Thank you for sharing.