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Month: April 2015

Priest or Pastoral Stoles: More Trims

Selecting trims for Ecclesiastical Sewing projects and Church Vestments is often a fun challenge. What is not to love? There is an unlimited variety of Ecclesiastical Trims available in all… Read more Priest or Pastoral Stoles: More Trims

Treasured Vestments Westminster Chasuble

The making of Ecclesiastical Vestments has a long and wonderful history. But what becomes of vestments from bygone days?  Much depends on the original materials of the vestment and of course how the vestment has been cared for.  Some Ecclesiastical Vestments fall into disrepair, and are discarded, while others become timeless treasures. While searching around this weekend to see what is happening within the realm of Ecclesiastical Sewing, a series of articles on a treasure dating back hundreds of years was recently in the news. The reason? The vestment, a… Read more Treasured Vestments Westminster Chasuble

What Vestments Does a Priest Need: Part 2

After the busy Holy Week and Easter Services, it was time for a quick trip south for a few short days. The days were warm and pleasant, the flowers and trees were in blossom, and everything was green. Nothing is in bloom yet in Minnesota, so I will have the chance to re-enjoy spring a second time later this year. Now that I am back, and waiting for spring number two, it is time to resume work on a few Ecclesiastical Sewing projects. Today, being a travel day, was too exhausting to… Read more What Vestments Does a Priest Need: Part 2

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