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Month: October 2015

Favorite Things: Wakefield Ecclesiastical Fabric

A drastic change reared it’s head withe today’s weather. It was not a favorite thing, and so to not get caught up in the cold and windy and blustery day, one has to seek out their favorite things. It’s guaranteed to brighten the dreariest of dreary days. Finding favorite things for me is a simple task. I only need to look at an Ecclesiastical Fabric. The nearest one in site is Wakefield, and that vestment fabric is sure to bring a smile of joy! Wakefield is a large scale Ecclesiastical… Read more Favorite Things: Wakefield Ecclesiastical Fabric

Linen is Here

Today’s news is a quick update about Linen. It is here! And oh so lovely.  It makes me want to open the remaining packaging and get started on that linen ecclesiastical sewing project right now. There is a nice variety of linens that arrived, all of which are suitable for use in making altar linens. The variety includes various weights from a cambric weight, suitable for those who want a light sheer linen for use in making veils for the altar, to a very fine linen that is oh so… Read more Linen is Here

Making Church Vestment Patterns

As many of us notice church vestment needs for our own parishes, or ecclesiastical sewing projects for a loved one who may be graduating from seminary, the first thought is to run to the church office or sacristy and pull out a catalog from a vestment house. Flipping through the pages, a few designs or a certain style might catch the eye or tweak the interest. It may be a tasteful combination of colors and patterns, an interesting embroidery design or symbol, or an unusual placement of trim. It might… Read more Making Church Vestment Patterns

Can Altar Linens and Church Vestments be Made by Laity?

This little book (founded on a series of articles on Church Embroidery written for the ‘Treasury’) is intended for the use of those who are desirous of learning by practical experiment how to make the best use of such time and skill as they have at their command; and who, while they are unable to go through the long courses of instruction which are generally indispensable to the attainment of perfection are yet anxious to devote their ‘labour of love’ to the service of the Church. – Hinda Hands (Hands,… Read more Can Altar Linens and Church Vestments be Made by Laity?

A Handbook for Altar Guilds by Lucy Vaughn Hayden Mackrille

Reverence is a tender, affectionate regard for holy things. Reverence is placed first because it is our greatest need in the preparation of our work in the sanctuary. Whatever else we lack, reverence we must have. This spirit of reverence lies underneath and behind all our work in the sanctuary and in the chancel. Why do we wish to make our Church beautiful? Because God our heavenly Father is there. The Tabernacle in the wilderness, though scarcely more than a tent, was made glorious within and without because it was… Read more A Handbook for Altar Guilds by Lucy Vaughn Hayden Mackrille

Sir Ninian Comper: Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designer

A man should, from his youth, seek for forms which are beautiful. At first he should love but one of them; then recognize the beauty which resides in one as the sister of that which dwells in another. Philosophy helps, from Plato onwards, because it puts beauty in the right place as one of the three eternal values equal with truth and goodness so that  what applies to one of them is true of the others.’ – Sir Ninian Comper (Symunson & Bucknall, 2006, p.19) Beauty is something that is… Read more Sir Ninian Comper: Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designer

Season Changes

The seasons are changing, and there is no doubt about it. The days are still sunny and warm while the evenings have a bit of a chill. There has even been a hint of frost in the air and on the ground this week in Northern Minnesota.  Seasonal changes are not the only new events occurring in and around the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom.  Soon there will be a brand new format for Ecclesiastical Sewing along with a new website store front. The changes are slow, and it takes a great… Read more Season Changes

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