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Month: August 2016

Summer Travels Italy Part I

Today Ecclesiastical Sewing is pleased to present a feast for your eyes. Several past posts have been heavy-duty, packed with rich history and thoughts about church vestments. I had written… Read more Summer Travels Italy Part I

The Pallium-Herbert Norris

From the 6th century till the 1st century B.C., the Greeks wore a particular linen or wool garment. Men and women of the working class wore this garment over a kolobus—remember this is one of the predecessors to the alb. The over garment was shawl like in appearance, but much bigger than a mere shoulder wrap. It was called the himation. The himation was large enough to be draped over the left shoulder and arm, wrapping around the body on the right side. It was never worn in reverse (draping… Read more The Pallium-Herbert Norris

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