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Month: July 2017

Liturgical Brocades: St. Aidan and Cloister Brocade

Fabrics for church and academic use…that does sound rather odd on first thought doesn’t it? When thinking of fabrics for church use, depending on a particular faith, one or two… Read more Liturgical Brocades: St. Aidan and Cloister Brocade

Liturgical Arts Conference

Attention! How far are you from Canton, Mississippi, USA? Do you have relatives in the South that you have not seen in a while that you really should go visit? Or do you have some spare time in November to travel and you have always had a desire to check out this wonderful part of the country? Well I have the perfect trip for you! If you follow along with our blog, Facebook, etc., you probably have an interest in the liturgical arts. Of course we specialize in one area… Read more Liturgical Arts Conference

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