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Category: Ecclesiastical Vestments

Ecclesiastical Embroidery Pattern Solution

It is a wonderful feeling to discover a solution to a problem. It is even more wonderful when the solution comes as an unexpected surprise.  Over the past month, I… Read more Ecclesiastical Embroidery Pattern Solution

New Books, New Information

New books are always a treat.  Yesterday, there were several new Ecclesiastical Embroidery books waiting, in their quaint wrappings, for me when I got home from work.  There is always a thrill of excitement and anticipation awaiting the opening of the box, removal of wrappings and taking that first peak and flip through of the pages. So last night, there were four books on the counter.  I would like to share a tidbit of one of them with you.  The book is entitled Design for Church Embroidery by R.A., Althea… Read more New Books, New Information

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