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Jacobean Altar Frontal Ecclesiastical Sewing

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God | Ecclesiastical Sewing (2019)

All feasts of Mary, as indeed are all feasts of all the worthies of the faith, are feasts that point to our Lord Jesus Christ and his work “for us and for our salvation.” Mary is our prime example of created humanity at its finest.  She is humble but brave, courageous but modest, truthful and kind, upright and vulnerable, and unafraid to follow the leadings of God.

Advent Stole and Altar hangings

Blue or Purple: An Advent Debate

The choice between blue and purple Advent vestments reflects diverse traditions. Blue, popular in Scandinavia and the British Isles (“Sarum blue”), symbolizes the night sky before dawn, echoing themes of hope and new beginnings tied to the Christmas narrative. While, purple vestments, symbolizing penitence, have distinct connotations. Historically derived from Mediterranean snails, purple’s expense symbolizes royalty.

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Top 5 Tips for Sewing Perfect Chasuble Orphrey Bands

Creating perfect chasuble orphrey bands is easier with these 5 tips. Choose precise marking tools, finish edges to prevent unraveling, mark lines accurately, and pin perpendicular. Use the edge foot for even stitching, spot-check for consistency, and adjust as needed. These simple steps ensure polished and professionally sewn chasuble orphrey bands.

Rose Church Vestment chasuble stole

New Rose Pastoral Chasuble and Stole

The use of rose vestments increases in popularity each year. The importance comes in as a means of teaching. The lessons for the day on Gaudete and Laetare Sunday have a lighter tone  – a break from the heaviness of the Penitential seasons of Advent and Lent. It lets us know that there is a joy that awaits and it is just around the corner. The joy is Christmas (and Easter). And when the rose vestments come out, Christmas (or Easter) is almost upon us.

Just the smallest of notes….

Gaudete Sunday is the third Sunday in Advent and is a reprieve in this season–which by nature is a penitential season. Gaudete Sunday gives us a glimpse of the joy that awaits us and lightens the mood–one way this is done is with the change of the vestments from violet or blue to a rose color. Gaudete is the plural present active imperative of the Latin verb “to rejoice.”

advent design

The Temple

The ancient Israelites worshiped in the Tabernacle and later in the first Temple, which was the stationary building that replaced the Tabernacle. God instructed Moses exactly how to build the richly ornate Tabernacle and the Israelites used this mobile worship space for many years. In the reign of King Solomon, no expense was spared in the construction of the first Temple. This Temple was then sacked and many years later it was rebuilt as recorded in Ezra. Finally, King Herod renovated and added the second Temple, which was then destroyed in 70 A.D.

Silver Stars for Advent Stole

Silver Stars for Advent Stole: Part 2

The design motif for the Advent stole is a simple star worked in Cloth of Silver. This simple design would be great to work with an embroidery patch and heat press system. The stars are outlined with a satin stitch, and detail stitches are added in the centers.  A few additional stitching lines may be added to create the rays that “shine on the place where the Christ Child lays.

Silver Check Thread

Time is Ticking Away

The ongoing Advent Vestment Set faces challenges in couching stitches. The Silver Check Thread, with its non-tarnish finish, offers a sparkle and shine in following curves, holding edges, and concealing stitches. Despite awaiting additional thread supplies, the emphasis remains on completion rather than rushing, with the Ecclesiastical Embroidery project.

Preparing the Advent Pulpit Fall Design

This Advent Vestment set is designed for a shorter lifespan, around 5 to 15 years. The construction process allows for quicker techniques, like using fusible web for the appliqué. Appliqué parts, cut from Silk Dupioni and a cotton/linen blend for the flesh tones, are ironed in place for easy and accurate positioning. The traced design on the blue silk aids in precise placement. While traditional methods may have used homemade paste, the use of fusible web aligns with the project’s practical goals.

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