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Tag: Church Embroidery and Church Vestments

Lent Vestment Fabric – Violets and Golds

Lent Color and Fabric Choices – Which is your favorite? It’s the beginning of a New Year and Lent is only a few weeks away. Many churches have plans for… Read more Lent Vestment Fabric – Violets and Golds

Part I: The Amice—Norris

Over the next few days I would like to talk to you about certain ecclesiastical vestments that are worn on the head. Often we focus our gaze on the voluptuous garments that cover our ministers of the church. It is important to know each distinct garment and its history. Based in practical reasoning, traditions are now carried on without knowing the origin. When we travel to Europe, view exhibits in a museum, or look in old volumes, we see all kinds of garments that our ministers no longer wear, or… Read more Part I: The Amice—Norris

Funeral Vestments

Today many gathered in our Nation’s Capital to mourn the loss of Antonin Scalia.  We often fail to mourn the passing of those around us.  But today, we will pause and mourn with those who were in attendance at the funeral. Today’s events were marked with the solemn dignity one expects at a State Funeral. The Clergy presiding over the service wore matching cream-colored vestments with tapestry orphreys. The pall was also part of the same vestment set, with matching tapestry orphrey bands. Other clergy in attendance at the funeral… Read more Funeral Vestments

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