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Tag: Church Embroidery and Church Vestments

The Cope–Norris

Like the majority of modern ecclesiastical vestments, the cope has its origins in ancient garments. The cope, unlike other vestments, is a bit of a mystery. With an unknown origin,… Read more The Cope–Norris

October 11th–Philip the Deacon

I wanted to mention that today we celebrate the feast day of one of the first deacons, the deacon Philip. The office of the deacon was the first auxiliary office in the church. It was established by the apostles in the very early days of the church. Deacons are the helpers of the church; their job is to be assistants to the priests, ministers, and pastors. As well as being assistants to the ministers, the deacons serve the congregations. In the early days of the church, seven deacons were chosen… Read more October 11th–Philip the Deacon

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