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Tag: couching stitches

Chalice Veil Cross Applique

All sewing is a series of steps, worked in a certain order, with the goal of obtaining a finished project. For the past few posts on Ecclesiastical Sewing, we have been… Read more Chalice Veil Cross Applique

Preparing the Advent Pulpit Fall Design

Time is slipping away, and the Advent Pulpit Fall needs to get started.  The Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design selected for the Pulpit Fall will be a combination of applique and couching stitches. (At least that is the plan for now). To aid with the placement of the applique pieces, I decided to transfer the Ecclesiastical Design to the Silk Dupioni using the prick and pounce method of design transfer.  When I first learned about this technique for transferring an embroidery design, it took a year, maybe longer than that, before I took the… Read more Preparing the Advent Pulpit Fall Design

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