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Wedding Weekends

Happy New Year to all from the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom.  Yes, I am still here, and slowly recovering from a flurry of activity. After four weeks of disruption from home remodel and repairs, and two weeks of wedding flurry, things are returning to normal. Taking a Topsy-turvy aboutface, the vestment workroom was turned into wedding central with grooms men’s alterations, and sewing junior bridesmaid dresses. A vintage veil was restyled along with completed wedding gown alterations. And, not be be forgotten, a special altar frontal and pulpit fall  was finished… Read more Wedding Weekends

Update on Changes

Getting a new online business up and rolling has its fair share of challenges. There are samples to collect, fabrics and trims to source, patterns to draft, sample garments to create. Throw in a few life moments like a college graduation, wedding, and a remodel, along with numerous photography sessions needed to capture images of stunning Ecclesiastical Fabrics and trims…..and yes, it does take time to pull it all together.  The original plan was to launch the new online store front on in early November, but taking photographs of what… Read more Update on Changes

Linen is Here

Today’s news is a quick update about Linen. It is here! And oh so lovely.  It makes me want to open the remaining packaging and get started on that linen ecclesiastical sewing project right now. There is a nice variety of linens that arrived, all of which are suitable for use in making altar linens. The variety includes various weights from a cambric weight, suitable for those who want a light sheer linen for use in making veils for the altar, to a very fine linen that is oh so… Read more Linen is Here

Brocade or Damask?

There is a lot going on behind the scenes at Ecclesiastical Sewing. So many lovely things in the works.  Tonight it is time for a brief respite while the question is pondered: what is the difference between a brocade and damask fabric?  The terms brocade and damask are seen frequently in the descriptions of liturgical fabrics for use in the making of church vestments.  As one looks at photos of fabrics, a first glance might suggest there is no difference. Then the price comes into view, and that might appear… Read more Brocade or Damask?

Back to Ecclesiastical Projects – Soon

For all of you patiently waiting for a new post, never fear. The Ecclesiastical Sewing blog has not dropped off the face of the planet….or at least not quite. I have been enjoying a few weeks off with family, visiting some remote places that are nearly off the map. Fortunately,  I have found my way out of the back country of Glacier Park and will be back to work posting new Ecclesiastical Sewing Projects next week. Until then, happy summer. Solo Dei Gloria Be sure to visit our online store… Read more Back to Ecclesiastical Projects – Soon

Lace: the Forgotten Ecclesiastical Craft?

Church lace. Is this an often forgotten and neglected aspect of Ecclesiastical Sewing?  It is hard to tell.  One sees new works of church lace on occasion. But they seem to be few and far between. Lace can be a touchy topic when it comes to Ecclesiastical Sewing. Some of the experts square their shoulders, lift the chins, and proclaim on the mighty printed page, “Lace should never be used in the church.” Our response is to timidly lift an eyebrow in wonder  and ask, “Why?” Why is there such vehement… Read more Lace: the Forgotten Ecclesiastical Craft?

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