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Tag: Elizabethan Twist

Progress on Ecclesiastical Embroidery

Ecclesiastical Embroidery and Ecclesiastical Sewing are wonderful, relaxing pass times.  I enjoy them with great passion, especially if I get uninterrupted time over the weekend to work on projects. Ecclesiastical… Read more Progress on Ecclesiastical Embroidery

Underway with Glitters of Gold

Now that the initial task of getting the Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design for the Easter Set Pulpit fall has been accomplished and the laid threads of the Italian stitch seem to suit the area selected, it is time for the next experiment in stitching.  I am pretty confident this should work, but there are a few things still to consider.   For instance, which of the gold threads in the drawer are best suited for this stitching?  The area is rather small, so the gold thread to be used for couching the… Read more Underway with Glitters of Gold

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