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Goldwork Dove applique for hand embroidery, Goldwork embroidery, Pentecost Dove, Ecclesiastical Sewing

Quick Sewing Tip: Add Goldwork Dove Appliques to Red Stoles for Pentecost

To create a vibrant Pentecost stole, start with a red stole, such as the Ely Crown Stole, featuring plain fabric near the chest area. Choose a gold Dove Applique, like the goldwork Dove with imitation Japanese Goldwork threads, which may include colored thread accents. For couching, use Goldwork threads like Imitation Japanese Gold Thread, Gilt gold twist, or Au Ver a Soie Gold Thread.

Alpha Omega Goldwork applique green silk brocade gold metallic embroidery how to sew for beginners tips and tricks design pattern

Through the Needle’s Eye – EGA Traveling Exhibit

Discover the beauty of needlework at the EGA Traveling Exhibit, “Through the Needle’s Eye.” Running from January 17 to March 30, 2019, at Stevens History Museum in Morris, MN, the exhibit celebrates both traditional and contemporary embroidery. It’s a great opportunity to be inspired by the artistry of needlecraft, whether you’re an experienced embroiderer or just curious.

O Sapientia

Advent Comes – City of David Collection

Ecclesiastical Sewing’s new Advent Collection, “City of David,” is a culmination of over a year’s work. Liturgical artist Edward Riojas’ designs were transformed into beautiful stitches using a meticulous process of digitizing and embroidery. With the addition of new frames, the embroidery process became more efficient.

Prince of Peace Baxter 501 Years in the Making

Reformation 2018 – 501 Years in the Making

Reformation 2018 – 501 Years in the Making:: an incredible anniversary. The Reformation Embroidery Designs were created by Edward Riojas and Carrie Roberts. This set was the first major collaborative design collection created by both artisans and it marked the beginning of what has become a wonderful working relationship and friendship. The designs are unique in the world of vestment making.

The Rose of the Lutherans

The Rose of the Lutherans

Our Luther Rose Brocade has the actual Luther Rose Symbol woven into the fabric. The fabric was developed by Carrie R. around the fall of 2016. Carrie wanted to create something special for the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. After talking to her fabric supplier in England, Peter encouraged her to use her own Luther Rose design and make a fabric. Never having designed a fabric, her Patonce Cross and her Luther Rose Symbol came together nicely, but Carrie was having trouble making the vines interact just right. Carrie’s old pastor–the venerable Pastor Robson–had encouraged her to start talking with Edward Riojas–the artist of the Higher Things magazine. This was the perfect opportunity to get in touch with him and with Edward’s help, the vines came together in a matter of hours; the design was sent to England; and the rest is history!

How to prepare fabric for Machine Embroidery

The fabric is block-cut to a rough size, review the embroidery design and dimensions determine the embroidery placement, and locate the center. Once the center position is determined, use a product called Dream Weave Ultra and fuse that to the back of our fabric. Dream Weave Ultra is a fusible tricot that adds a bit of body to a piece of fabric. Dream Weave comes in two weights – the regular, and the Ultra. Used both but prefer the Ultra for our embroidery work. Dream Weave should never be used as a stand-alone backing for embroidery.

Lent Cross Digital Embroidery Design

Thoughts of Lent

Lent is a penitential season and a time of reflection. Lent has always been a favorite season of the church year. Throughout the years – the rich tapestry of hymns reserved specifically for Lent remains vivid, as the scriptures of Christ’s Passion and Lenten hymns were forever twined together in mind. One could begin to imagine the agony Christ suffered as he prayed. Singing the hymn “Go to Dark Gethsemane” in the dim evening light of the church. It was then and still a favorite Lenten Hymn.

Luther Rose Stole Embroidery

Luther Rose Liturgical Brocade Church Vestment Fabric

The Luther Rose Liturgical Brocade Fabric, borne from collaboration and inspiration, symbolizes the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Designed with Patonce Cross and Luther Rose Emblem motifs, the fabric captures a distinctly Lutheran essence. The design with the guidance of skilled partners, including Edward Riojas, who added a vine motif. The result is a richly symbolic fabric, a testament to the dedication and support of those involved in its creation.

Hand Embroidery Linen Altar Set

Inspiration for a Lazy Sunday Afternoon: Small Altar Linens

Each hand-crafted small altar linen received the utmost care, starting with careful pre-shrinking of the linen. This is followed by careful pressing. The linen is pressed while in a slightly damp state. If it is stretched or pulled in any direction without being careful to watch the grainline, the linen can be distorted. Once the linen is pressed, the marking and cutting process begins. Linen is cut by the thread to ensure that one edge is straight. The rest of the linen piece is measured and cut from the straight edge. Hemming is next. The hem folds are based on a thread to ensure they are straight when finished. Hems are folded, corners are mitered, and basted in place. The hem is then stitched in place. The stitching is done with a very fine thread.

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