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Through the Needle’s Eye – EGA Traveling Exhibit

Discover the beauty of needlework at the EGA Traveling Exhibit, “Through the Needle’s Eye.” Running from January 17 to March 30, 2019, at Stevens History Museum in Morris, MN, the exhibit celebrates both traditional and contemporary embroidery. It’s a great opportunity to be inspired by the artistry of needlecraft, whether you’re an experienced embroiderer or just curious.

Trestle Stand Slate Frame Hand Embroidery Royal School of Needlework Frame Ecclesiastical Sewing

Trestle Stands for Slate Frames

The trestle stands and frames found on our website at Ecclesiastical Sewing are made from beech wood. You may see oak listed as a wood selection for a few of the slate frames. We have a few oak frames still available and they have been wonderful. But all of our frames in the future will be made using beech. Beech is a hardwood, but the grain is finer and that works so beautifully for these products.

Trestle Embroidery Stand and Slate Frames

Trestle Embroidery Stand and Slate Frames

Embroiderer’s knight in shining armor – a true workhorse and fatigue saver. The trestles are set up about wide enough to have a chair positioned between each stand. Then the dressed slate frame is placed over the rails of the trestle stand. These are an embroiderer’s dream come true. The trestle stands and slate frames are handmade in Montana for Ecclesiastical Sewing.

Evertite Stretcher Bar Frame

Framing Steps Part 2 Advent

In the process of preparing for the Advent set, Evertite Stretcher Bars were selected for framing linen. Two sizes, 16″ and 23″, were chosen for the frame, ensuring its squareness before the lightweight linen was prepared. The linen, cut by thread and folded with creases for reference points, was then stretched over the frame, with alternating pinning and tacking along the width and length. Tension was adjusted for a tight finish. Despite challenges with tacks from a local store, the framed-up linen is now ready for design transfer.

Evertite Frame in use, framing steps

Framing Steps

In preparation for the Advent Ecclesiastical Sewing project, the focus is on framing steps using the Evertite Tension Adjusting Stretcher Bars. These bars offer an adjustable feature with tiny screws, ensuring the embroidery project stays taunt. The bars, available in various sizes, are easily assembled with a straightforward tightening process using an Allen Wrench. The cost-effective Evertite frames are practical, functional, and adaptable, providing a range of adjustments to keep the work in good shape. Needle in a Haystack and Stitchville USA are recommended places to find Evertite frames.

Lining up Silk Dupioni on Alba Maxima Linen

A Simple Design Framed Up

Beginning the IHS Embroidery design project after a weekend of preparations. Silk Dupioni and Alba Maxima linen framed up, with the Evertite Frame chosen despite size constraints. Aligning and stretching the silk carefully, the design is transferred using a homemade charcoal and blue quilt pounce mixture. Success in the transfer marks the start of drawing lines and initiating the first stitches in this Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design.

Ecclesiastical Sewing Blog

All in a Day’s Work

Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design project for the Easter Pulpit Fall is underway. The linen is now framed up, and the pouncing and tracing will soon be complete. Utilizing the Millennium Frames from Needle Needs for the first time, a short video tutorial was a helpful guide. Framing proved a bit tricky with two layers—the Alabaster Linen from Hedgehog Handworks and a layer of Kona Cotton for backing and support. flipping the frame to the backside ensured proper alignment and support for the lining fabric.

Ecclesiastical embroidery project, Technical Difficulties and Framing Dilemmas

Technical Difficulties and Framing Dilemmas

Embroidery framing plans face setbacks due to sizing mismatches with Millennium and Evertite Frames. Technical challenges require a new approach. The starting a new Ecclesiastical embroidery project continues with optimism, but obstacles emerge in frame selection and sizing. Despite encountering disappointments the determination to overcome these challenges and find suitable solutions remains steadfast.

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