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Trestle Stand Slate Frame Hand Embroidery Royal School of Needlework Frame Ecclesiastical Sewing

Trestle Stands for Slate Frames

The trestle stands and frames found on our website at Ecclesiastical Sewing are made from beech wood. You may see oak listed as a wood selection for a few of the slate frames. We have a few oak frames still available and they have been wonderful. But all of our frames in the future will be made using beech. Beech is a hardwood, but the grain is finer and that works so beautifully for these products.

Gilt Gold Twist Goldwork thread Gold work embroidery Ecclesiastical Sewing

Gilt Twist Goldwork Threads for Hand Embroidery

Gilt Twist goldwork threads, particularly in sizes No. 3 or No. 4 for outer edges and No. 1 1/2 or No. 2 for smaller areas, beautifully enhance goldwork appliques in embroidery. The choice of twist size depends on the design’s details and the width of the gold edge, ensuring a neat finish with one pass of stitching in pairs.

Goldwork Embroidery Thread Imitation Japanese Gold Threads K1, K2, K3, K4 Goldwork hand embroidery Ecclesiastical sewing

Imitation Japanese Goldwork Embroidery Threads

Those who love hand embroidery and goldwork, these are Imitation Japanese Gold threads available in sizes No. 13, No. 12, No. 9, and No. 8 which are also known as K1, K2, K3, and K4. The gold threads are used in pairs. The gold threads are often worked on a padded surface such as felt padding. They may also be used as a finishing edge around an embroidered applique. The gold foil has a lovely burnished color that looks fiery – gold in a finished project.

Hand Embroidery Design for Altar Linens

Hand Embroidery Design for Altar Linens

The design consists of a border pattern and a scrollwork cross embroidery pattern. The border pattern comes from my collection of vintage embroidery designs. These vintage designs come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and conditions. They must be cleaned up and turned into a line drawing to be used as an embroidery pattern. The cross pattern is a new design created from components of the border pattern.

Pentecost Dove Emblem

Pentecost Dove Emblem

This little dove is a hand-embroidered applique that is ready to be applied to a vestment or altar hanging. The Dove is made from an assortment of goldwork threads such as bullion, passing thread, and purl pearl. The feet and nimbus rays are made from embroidered threads. This little dove is heavily padded to create a high relief.  The size is 4.5″ x 7″ which is a bit wide for a stole, but perfect for use in a quatrefoil frame for use on a chasuble or used on an altar hanging.

Christmas Rose Chasuble and Stole Set

Virgin and Child Goldwork Embroidery Design

The Madonna and Child Goldwork Emblem is to be used on the back of a white Gothic chasuble. The chasuble is designed using our classic Gothic Chasuble Pattern cut with “Y” orphrey bands. The Virgin and Child design uses goldwork embroidery and colored thread embroidery embellishments on a hand-painted design. This Embroidery Design has a great deal of detailed work and requires care when applying it to a church vestment.

Trestle Embroidery Stand and Slate Frames

Trestle Embroidery Stand and Slate Frames

Embroiderer’s knight in shining armor – a true workhorse and fatigue saver. The trestles are set up about wide enough to have a chair positioned between each stand. Then the dressed slate frame is placed over the rails of the trestle stand. These are an embroiderer’s dream come true. The trestle stands and slate frames are handmade in Montana for Ecclesiastical Sewing.

Christmas Rose Digital Machine  Embroidery Design

The Christmas Rose

In Church symbolism, many objects are used to help teach the message of Christmas. The Christmas Rose or Messianic Rose is a particularly gentle yet elegant symbol. Helleborus Niger is a perennial plant that can actually grow in warmer parts of the USA. It is found naturally in Europe, where it blooms in cooler climates from February, but in warmer areas, it blooms as early as Christmas. This delicate white flower blooms from luscious evergreen foliage.

A simple Cross that Points to Christ

Why Do We Make Beautiful Vestments

When creating vestments for the House of the Lord, one should always begin with the advice of a pastor. A good place to start is with meaningful symbols that can be used to teach the faith. Things like the Cross, Holy Communion, the Creeds, Prayer, Baptism, Confession, Key to the Kingdom, Holy Monograms, and so forth are appropriate symbols to start with.  The symbols can be simple, and in many places that creates a comfort zone. The symbols can also be a bit more elaborate. That sometimes gets beyond the comfort zone of some and into unfamiliar territory for others.

The Third Special of the Special Posts in July

The third special post in July recounts summer travels to Montana, It reflects on the beauty of old, weathered stumps in various locations, contemplating the possibility of life lingering within them. The lush greenery and surviving stump found on the Lohn’s Lake Trail inspire hope and reflection on promises from days of old. As a reference to the O Antiphon “O Root of Jesse,” connecting the natural surroundings with deeper reflections.

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