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How to Make Baptismal Towel Altar Linens

Christ love little children and he implored his disciples to let the little children come unto him. Children are an important part in the life of a church. Many pastors… Read more How to Make Baptismal Towel Altar Linens

Altar Linens

Altar Linen Refresher Altar linens are items that usually go unnoticed by most parishioners. The care of linens Often altars are bare of having linens, or altars have worn and stained linens.   As many of us return to our respective church sacristies following the sporadic nature of summer schedules, there is often a bit of house keeping needed to put things in order. It is a good idea to take inventory of the altar linens, and put a call in to all members of the altar guild to return… Read more Altar Linens

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