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Tag: Liturgical Artists

St. Hubert

Today’s topic is a historical biography about a saint from the seventh and eighth centuries. St. Hubert—circa 656 A.D. to 727 A.D.— was a Bishop of Liege and along with… Read more St. Hubert

Liturgical Arts Resources

The work week has come to an end, and it is time to relax and catch up with what others are doing within the Liturgical Art scene.  Keeping abreast of what other artists are doing, whether they are painters, work in wood, ceramics,  or any number of other media, serves as a refueling for my work. So often, one feels like there is no one to connect with in the liturgical arts. We often work at home or in a studio, and seldom get a chance to view the creations… Read more Liturgical Arts Resources

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