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Tag: Metallitic Threads

Long Awaited Threads

A few weeks back the Large Advent Star  was started for the Altar Frontal church embroidery project.  It did not take long before it became apparent that the Silver Threads… Read more Long Awaited Threads

Time is Ticking Away

Sometimes a hand embroidery project is started, knowing it will be impossible to make its deadline.  But for some unknown reason, that does not become a deterrent. So it is with the Advent Vestment Set currently spread all over my sewing room.  There are bits of blue Silk Dupioni and broadcloth, and frames of blue and white on both work tables.  Life always provides interruptions with any major Ecclesiastical Embroidery project, and this one is no exception. Meant to be a “quick” project of couching and outlining, this is going… Read more Time is Ticking Away

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