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Opus Anglicanum Resources

I love reading, studying and learning about church vestments and Ecclesiastical Embroidery. Ecclesiastical Sewing is a field that is steeped in history going back centuries. One of my favorite time… Read more Opus Anglicanum Resources

Treasured Vestments Westminster Chasuble

The making of Ecclesiastical Vestments has a long and wonderful history. But what becomes of vestments from bygone days?  Much depends on the original materials of the vestment and of course how the vestment has been cared for.  Some Ecclesiastical Vestments fall into disrepair, and are discarded, while others become timeless treasures. While searching around this weekend to see what is happening within the realm of Ecclesiastical Sewing, a series of articles on a treasure dating back hundreds of years was recently in the news. The reason? The vestment, a… Read more Treasured Vestments Westminster Chasuble

Mary Barber’s Six Winged Creature Drawing

There are many  wonderful, and sometimes strange things written about in the Scriptures that are almost impossible for us a mere humans to imagine, let alone try to interpret in Ecclesiastical Embroidery.  Two of those unusual things are the Seraphim and  the Cherubim.  Artisans of the past have grappled with these creatures, and provided some interesting interpretations.  The powdering designs, dating from the glory days of Opus Anglicanum, give us some wonderful examples of these delightful interpretations of Seraphim and Cherubim. Last week, I shared an article on a recent purchase… Read more Mary Barber’s Six Winged Creature Drawing

Mary Barber’s Some Drawings of Ancient Embroidery

Old books are a mixed blessing. It is often wonderful to be able to purchase a rare book, especially if the book relates to Ecclesiastical Sewing and Embroidery.  And such is the case with this rare title I purchased last fall.  The book i is Mary Barber’s Some Drawings of Ancient Embroidery that I mentioned last fall.  In its day, the book was highly regarded and is often referred to in many older books on the topic of Ecclesiastical Sewing. The book is filled with wonderful illustrations from examples of embroidery… Read more Mary Barber’s Some Drawings of Ancient Embroidery

The Beauty of the Art of Ecclesiastical Embroidery

Ecclesiastical Embroidery and the Ecclesiastical Vestments created from embroidery have a long history with the church. Workers, artisans, craftsmen, both men and women, professional embroiderers and laity, over countless millennium have added beauty to the church with the work of their hands by creating vestments and hangings for use in the worship service. Ecclesiastical Embroidery is a liturgical art form with a long and varied history. During the height of the period known as “Opus Anglicanum”  or “English Work”  which dates from the late 12th century to the 14th century,… Read more The Beauty of the Art of Ecclesiastical Embroidery

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