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Tag: Pentecost

Exciting News! Pastoral Stoles

Exciting News! Pastoral Stoles If you have been following along on our Facebook page, we have some exciting results from a long weekend of hard work. Ecclesiastical Sewing is tickled pink to share the news that we have five stoles, finished and ready to purchase, on our website. Now, the number five is not the quantity, it is the number of pastoral stole styles available. Each unique style is named after one of the Church Fathers. Now that we have decided on the styles of various stoles, our next task… Read more Exciting News! Pastoral Stoles

Visiting a Grand Cathedral the Proper Way

Visiting a Grand Cathedral the Proper Way Traveling. It is fun, exciting, interesting, and filled with unknown Ecclesiastical Sewing Treasures (Pleasures) if one takes the time to look. One never knows what liturgical wonders might be the next site revealed as a corner is rounded, or a glance is drawn up.  Cathedrals are filled with nooks and crannies, soaring columns, stained glass, stone carvings and so much more. One could look at a Cathedral daily, and still see something new. Yesterday was a few short days after the Celebration of… Read more Visiting a Grand Cathedral the Proper Way

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