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Tag: Prick and Pounce

Preparing the Advent Pulpit Fall Design

Preparing the Advent Pulpit Fall Design Time is slipping away, and preparing the Advent Pulpit Fall needs to get started.  The Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design selected for the Pulpit Fall will be a combination of applique and couching stitches. (At least that is the plan for now). The Prick-and-Pounce Design Transfer Technique To aid with the placement of the applique pieces, I decided to transfer the Ecclesiastical Design to the Silk Dupioni using the prick-and-pounce method of design transfer.  When I first learned about this technique for transferring an embroidery design, it… Read more Preparing the Advent Pulpit Fall Design

Pouncing with the Blues

Pouncing with the Blues Everything is out and ready to transfer the Ecclesiastical Embroidery patterns for the trial run.  Yesterday, I showed you the new transfer products that were purchased while traveling over the summer.  Today is the day. It is time to test them out and see how they work on white fabrics.  The goal is to have something that will show up with a clean, crisp line that is visible when stitching, but….. this is the big part.  It must not leave residue on the white floss and… Read more Pouncing with the Blues

Trial Run at Marking for Whitework

Trial Run at Marking for Whitework A few weeks back, I posted about a special Sunday at church and some concerns with the Sacristy.  The problem that was happening was that small linens such as Purificators were taken home to be laundered.  They depart the Sacristy in a ziplock bag, get forgotten, and when finally remembered, disaster has struck.  The wine stains have mildewed and the Purificators are never returned.  There is an effort afoot, I hope, to start soaking and laundering the small linens at church to avoid this… Read more Trial Run at Marking for Whitework

Paper Matters

Paper Matters The other day, I posted about framing up my next Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design for the Easter Set pulpit fall And I have to confess. The pouncing did not go as well as it usually does because of the error that happened at the printers.  Paper Matters. Let me explain. Ecclesiastical Embroidery Pattern As I had mentioned before, the design for the pulpit fall came from a very old embroidery book.  I blew the Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design up on the copier and used my homemade light box to… Read more Paper Matters

Technical Difficulties and Framing Dilemmas

Technical Difficulties and Framing Dilemmas Technical Difficulties and Framing Dilemmas: I love framing up a new Ecclesiastical embroidery project. That initial thrill of starting something new, wondering how it will turn out, the vision of a stunning piece that …………… well, on and on wanders the mind. So this evening, I was anticipating that thrill, thinking if things went well I could get the framing done, the pounce powder out, maybe get the tracing done, then I could start those first stitches.  It was an optimistic vision for an evening’s work, especially… Read more Technical Difficulties and Framing Dilemmas

Late Night Progress

Late Night Progress Late night progress. Today was one of those days.  It looked like it would be an early out-of-work day. The doors were locked and then – a late walk-in knocked on the door. So much for trying to get an early start on the evening’s activities.  Still, a little progress is progress.   Here is my little progress for this evening.   The cross embroidery pattern for the Purificator has been perforated and is ready for pouncing. Many embroidery books refer to this process as “prick and… Read more Late Night Progress

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