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Tag: Rochet pattern

Project Update: Rochet and Monastic Choir Alb

Making a Rochet Pattern for Clergy Yes, Ecclesiastical Sewing projects are being worked on for our newly launched online storefront. They are just sooooooooooooooooo slow. With family commitments and a… Read more Project Update: Rochet and Monastic Choir Alb

Meet Martin the Steadfast

There is a new man in the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom of late. He is on duty, 24/7, never leaving his post. He never complains, or tires of his duty.  He responds to my beck and call.  He stands guard over my vintage liturgical sewing library, keeping harm and danger at bay. He has been hanging around for several months now, not doing much of anything…..sometimes he is in the way, and gets shoved or pushed, but he takes it in stride.  He is tall and well built. But sometimes, he… Read more Meet Martin the Steadfast

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