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Tag: Sewing Ophrey bands

Red and Gold Liturgical Brocade Fabrics

St. Hubert, designed by Sir Ninian Comper, was first produced as a liturgical fabric pattern circa 1890. This design has been recently reintroduced on a church fabric and is still lovely for use in making church vestments. As with most of Comper’s textiles, the inspiration for St. Hubert is of Netherlandish origin. This work comes from a 15th-century painting from the exhumation of St. Hubert. The fabric, made from a blend of cotton, silk, and metallic fibers, shimmers with accents of gold. While St. Hubert has a predominant right side, the fabric is also suitable for use on the “reverse” side, which makes for interesting design options

Chalice veil for Good Friday and Lent

Making a Chalice Veil Part II: Good Friday Chalice Veil

Like the stole in the same collection, the Saint Augustine Chalice Veil uses Silk Dupioni as the base fabric. For many churches, black vestments are the color used for Good Friday. Black Silk Dupioni is a great option for this set as the fabric has a natural sheen and a rich depth of color. Silk Dupioni is a great fabric when one is just learning the art of church vestment making, or when a rich fabric is desired but budgets need to be considered. A Silk Dupioni fabric looks rich, especially when combined with embroidery or orphrey bands in a contrasting or complimentary liturgical brocade or metallic brocatelle fabric. Church vestments are usually seen from a distance, and so combining a solid fabric with a patterned orphrey allows the vestment to be visible from more than the first few rows of church pews.

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