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Tag: The Ornaments of the Ministers

The Chasuble Percy Dearmer

Did you ever look at a poncho and think that it reminded you of something familiar? We know that the poncho, a Spanish garment, originated in Spain and today is… Read more The Chasuble Percy Dearmer

Making Church Vestment Patterns

As many of us notice church vestment needs for our own parishes, or ecclesiastical sewing projects for a loved one who may be graduating from seminary, the first thought is to run to the church office or sacristy and pull out a catalog from a vestment house. Flipping through the pages, a few designs or a certain style might catch the eye or tweak the interest. It may be a tasteful combination of colors and patterns, an interesting embroidery design or symbol, or an unusual placement of trim. It might… Read more Making Church Vestment Patterns

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