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Tag: whitework embroidery

Whitework Embroidery for Church Linens

Whitework embroidery – there is something about the simplicity, and seeing one color used for an embroidery design on altar linens. There is an elegance that is difficult to describe;… Read more Whitework Embroidery for Church Linens

Pouncing with the Blues

Everything is out and ready to transfer the Ecclesiastical Embroidery patterns for the trial run.  Yesterday, I showed you the new transfer products that were purchased while traveling over the summer.  Today is the day. It is time to test them out and see how they work  on white fabrics.  The goal is to have something that will show up with a clean, crisp line that is visible when stitching, but….. and this is the big part.  It must not leave residue on the white floss and must be able… Read more Pouncing with the Blues

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