1. I What other white or ivory brocades fabrics do you have that would be suitable for a Marian vestment? Please let me know. God bless, Rachida Faille
    am trying to obtain a sample swat of St. Margaret Ivory brocade for sewing a pries chasuble. ( Roman Catholic)

    • Thank you for contacting us about white fabrics for priest vestments. There are a number of fabrics that would be suitable for Marian vestments.

      St. Margaret comes in White, Ivory/Gold and Ivory/Lurex
      Venezia is available in Ivory/Gold
      Florence comes in White, Ivory, and Deep Cream
      Fairford comes in White, Ivory/gold and Ivory
      Lichfield comes in white
      Glastonbury comes in white and Ivory
      Winchester comes in Ivory
      Cloister comes in white
      St. Aidan comes in white and ivory
      York comes in ivory and Ivory/gold
      Ely Crown comes in Ivory

      Each of the links below will take you to a group of fabrics. Select the group by name to review the colors each comes in.


      There are also other fabrics in the silk damasks in white and ivory colors. Under each fabric, there is a link to order swatches. I hope you find this list helpful. Please contact us through the contact page on our websire if you have any further questions.

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