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Category: Reformation Day

Reformation Day is celebrated annually on October 31st to commemorate the religious movement led by Martin Luther in the sixteenth century. This movement aimed to address the corruption within the Catholic Church and led to the division of Western Christianity into Protestant and Catholic groups.

The Reformation was a significant moment in Christian history as it challenged the Church’s traditional teachings and paved the way for new interpretations of scripture. The movement emphasized individual faith, personal responsibility, and the direct relationship between God and believers.

The Reformation also helped shape the wide range of religious customs and values today. The Protestant faith, which emerged as a result of the movement, has had a profound impact on Christianity, including the development of different denominations and the promotion of education and literacy.

Reformation Day is an important day for Christians around the world as it serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up for what is right and just. In addition, it encourages individuals to challenge the status quo and pursue their beliefs.

In summary, the Reformation was a pivotal moment in Christian history that helped shape the religion as we know it today. Reformation Day is an opportunity for Christians to reflect on their faith and the principles that guide their lives. It is a day to celebrate the courage and conviction of those who stood up for their beliefs and challenged the established order.


Prince of Peace Baxter 501 Years in the Making

Reformation 2018 – 501 Years in the Making

Reformation 2018 – 501 Years in the Making:: an incredible anniversary. The Reformation Embroidery Designs were created by Edward Riojas and Carrie Roberts. This set was the first major collaborative design collection created by both artisans and it marked the beginning of what has become a wonderful working relationship and friendship. The designs are unique in the world of vestment making.

Luther Rose in Quatrefoil Frame Machine Embroidery

The Protestant Reformation And Its Importance To Ecclesiastical Sewing

It began when Martin Luther posted his theses, sparking changes in church history. Although denominations split, they kept some traditions, like special church clothes. Ecclesiastical Sewing preserves these traditions by making church clothes for different churches. Studying church history helps us see what’s the same and what’s different. Ecclesiastical sewing is a way of making beautiful things for God.

Church Embroidery Design for Luther Rose, Reformation Vestment Set

Reformation Vestment Set Ideas

In anticipation of the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, the planning for a special Ecclesiastical Vestment Set is underway. The set, designed for Reformation Sunday, will include altar hangings, stoles, chasuble, maniple, chalice veil, burse, and potentially banners, featuring a Luther Rose design. The chosen color will be a darker, martyr red, and updates will be provided as fabric selections and embroidery designs are finalized.

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