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IHS designs

IHC? IHS? What’s the difference???

“IHC” and “IHS” are both Christograms representing Jesus Christ, derived from the Greek name “??????” (I?sous). While “IHS” directly represents the first three Greek letters of Jesus’ name, “IHC” uses the same letters with the sigma (?) stylized as “C” in Western Christian tradition. Despite this visual difference, both symbols carry the same meaning and are widely used in Christian art and symbolism to denote reverence for Jesus Christ.

St. Margaret Brocade Vestment

Enhance Your Church Vestments with Saint Margaret Brocade

Red Saint Margaret Brocade—a fabric that takes you back in time, perfect for creating stunning church vestments. Its vibrant red color and intricate Rose and Crown design, inspired by Tudor times, add beauty to religious ceremonies. Ideal for Christmas, Pentecost, and special feasts, it carries deep spiritual symbolism. This fabric is best for chasubles, stoles, and altar frontals to honor tradition and enhance worship experiences.


Preserving the Church’s Beauty in a Modern World

In today’s world, churches face the temptation to adopt secular trends like efficiency and minimalism, risking the loss of their rich traditions and artistic beauty. Embracing these trends dilutes their role as beacons of inspiration. Art and beauty in church worship serve as powerful tools of evangelism, drawing people to their beauty and spiritual depth. Preserving these traditions is crucial for Christians, ensuring a legacy of faith and uniqueness.

Dayspring Chasuble

Celebrate with the Dayspring White Gold Priest Chasuble

Discover the elegance of the Dayspring White Gold Priest Chasuble. Crafted from durable Lichfield Brocade with gold orphrey bands and a majestic cross, it’s perfect for Christmas, Easter, and other special liturgical celebrations. Personalize with optional enhancements from the Dayspring Collection to suit your congregation’s spirit.


The Church as the Bride of Christ

The Church, portrayed as the Bride of Christ, beautifully illustrates the profound love and faithfulness between Christ and His followers. This metaphor highlights a deep, sacrificial love akin to a marriage, as described by St. Augustine and St. John Chrysostom. It emphasizes the Church’s role in reflecting Christ’s purity and maintaining a loving relationship with Him. Ultimately, it points to a joyous future union with Christ, celebrated as the marriage supper of the Lamb in Revelation—a testament to the enduring bond between Christ and His Church.

liturgical stole

Why Our Stoles Stand Out?

Our stoles are top-notch in quality and craftsmanship. Unlike many competitors who use cheap polyester and mass production, our stoles are carefully handmade with premium brocades and reinforced with canvas for durability. We’re passionate about bringing beauty back to worship spaces and supporting talented DIY seamstresses who share our vision.

Green Vestment for Epiphany

What’s So Special About Our Epiphany Set?

We just finished a special Epiphany set that’s different from our usual work. Using white and green fabrics, we connected the Christmas season to Lent. Our green Luther Rose brocade and white accents make this set truly special for worship. We’re now thinking about a new set with darker green Winchester fabric and elegant Venezia tapestry. Want to see our creations and what’s coming next? Visit our Facebook Page to know more!


Exciting Jewelry Discounts & New Arrivals Coming Soon!

We’re thrilled to announce an expansion of our jewelry selection, now available at discounted prices for a limited time. These special prices won’t last long—once our collection is complete, prices will go up. So, if you see something you love, grab it now! We value your input and welcome suggestions for new items to carry. Exciting news: a Luther Rose pendant and pectorals are coming soon, along with new sacred heart necklaces. Don’t miss out on these exclusive deals and upcoming arrivals!

City of David Collection Altar Frontal

Messianic Prophecies: City of David Advent Collection

Discover the City of David Superfrontal and Advent Collection, filled with religious symbols. It represents Messianic prophecies and Christ’s lineage, reminding of His coming. Add beauty to your space with stunning designs like the O’ Sapientia, depicting God’s wisdom. Customize these pieces to fit different religious settings.


Kickstart Your Custom Liturgical Projects This Summer!

Summer is the ideal time to start your custom liturgical projects and beat the rush. Whether you need an Advent set, Christmas ensemble, Lent arrangement, or All Souls’ set, reaching out now ensures priority. Our team specializes in unique and challenging designs. Don’t wait—contact us today to discuss your needs and create something special.

St. John the Baptist

Voice in the Wilderness: St. John the Baptist

The Feast of St. John the Baptist, celebrated on June 24th, honors his role in preparing the way for Jesus. John emphasized repentance, courage, and humility. Theologians like St. Augustine and Thomas Merton highlight his significance in transitioning from the Old to the New Testament and the importance of solitude and prayer. John’s example inspires us to live with courage, humility, and a call to repentance.