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Carlisle Fabric

What Is the Best Fabric? We Have the Answer

Welcome! For those new to crafting church vestments, our beginner-friendly Carlisle fabric is perfect. It’s durable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to handle, making it ideal for albs, surplices, chasubles, and more. Carlisle is versatile, affordable, and comes in various colors like White, Ivory, and shades of Green and Purple. Visit Carlisle Fabric to learn more and order swatch samples.

The Art of Embroidery: History, Tradition, and New Horizons

International Conference The Art of Embroidery: History, Tradition, and New Horizons. For those who love embroidery, you may be interested in the conference that is happening in Spain this November – 2024. The details are noted below. If you are a researcher or someone with a love of the history of Hand embroidery, check out the opportunities to present a paper on your area of expertise. If you are considering attending the conference, there are several museums in Lorca. Museo Paso Blanco and Museo Azul de la Semana Santa. The… Read more The Art of Embroidery: History, Tradition, and New Horizons

Ecclesiastical Sewing Chasubles

Get Ahead: Early Orders for Custom Chasubles

Check out our latest custom chasubles on Facebook. They show beautiful designs in both traditional and modern styles for all church seasons. Our skilled seamstresses handcraft each piece with premium fabrics, ensuring every detail matches your vision. Use our summer off-peak season to order your Advent and Christmas sets without the rush. Book now to make sure your festive preparations are ready, as we get busy quickly during our peak season.

Saint Padua

Who Was Anthony of Padua? The Lost Saint.?

Anthony of Padua, born in 1195 in Lisbon, Portugal, is a beloved Catholic saint known for his powerful preaching and deep scriptural knowledge. Initially an Augustinian, he joined the Franciscan Order and preached across Italy and France. Celebrated on June 13, he is the patron saint of lost items and is revered for his compassion, humility, and devotion to the poor. His life exemplifies faith, perseverance, and service, inspiring modern believers to trust in God’s plan and show compassion to others.

Green IHC Liturgical Fabric

That is a lot of green… What’s the Deal?

As summer approaches, churches don shades of green in celebration of Ordinary Time. This season, falling outside major liturgical periods, embodies themes of hope, life, and spiritual growth. Green vestments worn by clergy symbolize the Church’s focus on continual renewal and deepening faith, serving as a visual reminder of our ongoing journey with Christ.

Brocades?? Let’s Talk About It

European brocade fabric is celebrated for its intricate patterns, luxurious feel, and ease of embroidery. Made from high-quality materials like silk, its production is labor-intensive, resulting in a higher cost. However, brocade’s durability and vibrant color retention make it a valuable investment. Unlike cheaper fabrics, which often fade and lack resilience, European brocade offers timeless elegance and exceptional quality.

Christian Art

Celebrating Sacred Heart Month: A Time of Devotion and Reflection

June, celebrated as Sacred Heart Month, honors the Sacred Heart of Jesus, symbolizing His love and sacrifice. Formalized in the 17th century, this devotion also venerates the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, representing purity and maternal love. The month encourages reflection and active devotion, inspiring deeper spiritual maturity and a closer relationship with the divine.

Silk Damask Vestment

A Silk What?

Silk damask, originating from China and introduced to Europe via the Silk Road, boasts over two millennia of history. Reserved for the elite due to its intricate weaving, damask gained popularity in Europe with the Jacquard loom. Prized for its luxurious texture and intricate designs, damask remains a favorite among designers for its refined elegance, adorning clothing and decor with timeless beauty.

Tool kit

Sacred Heart Project Launch!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our linen kit for the upcoming Sacred Heart project in collaboration with ClaraStitching. Download your free printable patterns from the provided Dropbox link and note that only fifty linen kits are available, so act fast! Clara Stitching will be hosting a free hand embroidery class on June 15th; sign up for updates via her forum link.

Clara Stitching Design

Introducing Clara Warschauer!

Exciting news! A collaboration between Clara of Clarastitching and a mystery partner brings a project revamping liturgical vestments, mostly free. Sacred Heart month marks its launch. Clara, an embroidery expert, offers workshops and project kits with free global shipping. Based in the UK, her influence extends to South America. Follow her on Instagram for inspiration and to join her vibrant community.