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Tool kit

Sacred Heart Project Launch!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our linen kit for the upcoming Sacred Heart project in collaboration with ClaraStitching. Download your free printable patterns from the provided Dropbox link and note that only fifty linen kits are available, so act fast! Clara Stitching will be hosting a free hand embroidery class on June 15th; sign up for updates via her forum link.

Clara Stitching Design

Introducing Clara Warschauer!

Exciting news! A collaboration between Clara of Clarastitching and a mystery partner brings a project revamping liturgical vestments, mostly free. Sacred Heart month marks its launch. Clara, an embroidery expert, offers workshops and project kits with free global shipping. Based in the UK, her influence extends to South America. Follow her on Instagram for inspiration and to join her vibrant community.

Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design Book by Ecclesiastical Sewing

A Book Of Designs?

Discover our Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design Book, a treasure trove of over 180 beautifully curated designs perfect for crafting church vestments. From intricate crosses to elegant motifs, this collection includes patterns for every season of the church year, meticulously crafted from our studio and vintage archives. Elevate your embroidery with our comprehensive guide.

Chi Rho Bullion Gold Applique

(PX) Did you know?

The Chi-Rho symbol, comprised of the Greek letters Chi (?) and Rho (?), represents “Christ” in Christianity. Legend has it that Roman Emperor Constantine the Great saw this symbol before a key battle, leading to his victory. Constantine’s embrace of Christianity and promotion of the symbol marked a turning point, contributing to the religion’s rise in the Roman Empire.

Lace Edging And Insertion Lace for Surplices Rochets

Do you still need help with that thing? LACE?!

Lace, originating in Europe during the late 15th and early 16th centuries, evolved into a symbol of wealth and status. Renowned for its intricate patterns, needle lace from Italy and bobbin lace from Flanders gained prominence. Despite technological advancements like lace-making machines in the 19th century, crafting high-quality lace remains a labor-intensive and costly endeavor.