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Church Vestment patterns

Cotta Sewing Patterns for Altar Servers

You asked and your requests have been answered!   Every day at Ecclesiastical Sewing, we receive requests for a variety of items that are needed to make church vestments. One… Read more Cotta Sewing Patterns for Altar Servers

Bespoke Vestments and Paraments

Here at Ecclesiastical Sewing, we have a wide variety of ready-made designs for vestments and paraments of all kinds. Basic selections include stoles, as well as pulpit falls or communion table/altar frontals with little decoration besides a plain orphrey. On the other hand, there are also plenty of ornate designs which I have developed over the years, and which are unique at Ecclesiastical Sewing. However, there’s one option that deserves a thorough discussion: bespoke designs. The term “bespoke” means something that’s made specially for a particular user. In other words,… Read more Bespoke Vestments and Paraments

A discussion about Chasubles

Many of us in more Protestant parts of the country see our pastors in only a stole over his cassock or alb. When I came out of the small town Mid-West, country church world, and started seeing Protestant pastors wearing the same “outfits” as the Roman Catholics, I immediately had to learn why. That was many years ago, and I have since corrected my ignorance and terminology of proper liturgical wear. If you’re a member of some denominations, chances are that the priest or pastor wears a large vestment over… Read more A discussion about Chasubles

Best White Liturgical Fabrics for Easter and Festival Seasons of the Church Year

White and Gold Liturgical Fabrics for Easter and other Festival Seasons of the Church Year The range of white church vestment fabrics available at Ecclesiastical Sewing for making church vestments is quite nice. White includes a broad range of colors: creams, ivory, deep cream, gold and of course the stunning brocatelles with their shimmering gold highlights! Easter is the highest festival season in the church year. The ancient churches recognized the importance of this festival and even if the church had the plainest of hangings for the altar during the… Read more Best White Liturgical Fabrics for Easter and Festival Seasons of the Church Year

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