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Clergy Appreciation 2017

Sunday, October 8th, is clergy appreciation day in the USA. Ecclesiastical Sewing is, of course, your number one source for designing something spectacular for your pastor, priest, bishop, or other clergy members. There is still time to order items for clergy appreciation Sunday. But, every Sunday, no…every day should be a day you show your love and support for your clergy. They are in a position of authority over their churches and congregations. They are also there to take care of your emotional and spiritual needs. Ultimately they serve us… Read more Clergy Appreciation 2017

Crown of Glory: Ecclesiastical Church Embroidery Design Part 1

If you are new to Ecclesiastical Sewing or have been following along for a time, you will hear us talk about church vestments, church architecture, furnishings, and many items that are beautiful, as befitting use in the church. Our approach to design, color, style and the making of church vestments is to honor the standards of time and tradition, combining new technology where possible, as well as methods that have endured for centuries.  Historically, the traditions of time have been to use the best materials, design, and workmanship when making… Read more Crown of Glory: Ecclesiastical Church Embroidery Design Part 1