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All Saints Day holds great importance in the liturgical year of the Christian Church. It is a day to honor and remember all the known and unknown saints who have gone before us and who now rest in God’s presence.

Christians celebrate this day on November 1 in the Western Church The significance of this day lies in its ability to remind us of the ultimate goal of the Christian life, which is to be in communion with God and to share in the eternal life of Christ.

Christians reflect on the lives of the saints and draw inspiration from their examples of faith, hope, and love. They attend church services, light candles, and offer prayers for the departed. All Saints Day also provides an opportunity for Christians to renew their commitment to live a life of holiness and to follow in the footsteps of the saints who have gone before us.

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All Saints Day

Each renowned saint has his or her own symbol in ecclesiastical sewing. A church that is named after a blessed saint can place that saint’s symbol on a piece of ecclesiastical vestment. All Saints Day, is the celebration of all of the Christian saints. During the mass persecutions, saints were martyred and there was no way to keep track of them all and mark each day as their own saint’s day. And so All Saints Day is the day we remember them. We decorate our churches in white, which reminds the feasting eyes of the congregation of the triumph of the saints, washed of their sins and made as white as snow by the all-availing sacrifice of Christ Our Saviour.