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Tag: Liturgical Vintage

Liturgical vintage is a term that people use to describe antique or vintage items that they use in religious celebrations. These items can include chalices, vestments, candlesticks, and other decorative objects that people use in religious services.

People consider liturgical vintage important in religious celebrations. It connects present-day worshippers to the rich history and traditions of their faith. In addition, people often consider liturgical vintage items to have symbolic and spiritual significance. For example, a chalice used in a liturgical celebration may have been used in countless masses over many years. It shows a powerful symbol of the continuity and ongoing nature of the faith. Religious vintage items can also be beautiful works of art in their own right, adding to the overall aesthetic and spiritual experience of a church service. For many people, incorporating liturgical vintage items into religious celebrations is an important way to honor the past and connect with the traditions of their faith.


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Post Cards of Litany of Loreto Embroideries

Wish Lists Royal School of Needlework Style

Wishlist of the Royal School of Needlework for years, plans were cancelled by scheduling conflicts. Yet, browsing to their online store provided a silver lining. The Handbook of Embroidery catalog and some enticing embroidery While missing out the classes, the excitement of exploring these ecclesiastical embroidery treasures brings comfort.

Silk Thread Color Card from Designs for Church Embroidery

Designs for Church Embroidery: an Original Copy

Author notes from original copy
– The color card at the beginning of the book has been inserted by the kind permission of Messrs. Liberty & Co., of Regent Street, London; and A. R. cannot say enough in praise of their colors and the Filo Floss silks sold by them.  Many of the colors, she says, are perfect; and this verdict is made after comparing them with many original pictures of the old masters in Italy and elsewhere – the shades of red, green, blue, and browns being spoken of with special praise.

Handbook for Altar Guilds

A Handbook for Altar Guilds by Lucy Vaughn Hayden Mackrille

The name of Lucy Vaughn Hayden Mackrille is well known by many involved in Ecclesiastical Sewing and the making of church vestments as the founder of the Washington Cathedral Altar Guild. Her book entitled Church Embroidery and Church Vestments is a valuable resource for seamstresses, providing detailed instructions for making many vestments.

Sir Ninian Comper Ecclesiastical Embroidery

Sir Ninian Comper: Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designer

Ninian Comper, also known as John Ninian Comper, embarked on his design career in 1880 at age 16 in Aberdeen School of Art. After joining Charles Kempe’s studio in 1882, he honed his skills. Comper’s apprenticeship with George Frederick Bodley in 1883 marked a significant phase in his development as a church architect. This dedicated training for four years under Bodley and Thomas Garner shaped Comper into a skilled practitioner beyond a mere craftsman.

Vintage Liturgical Embroidery Patterns

More Vintage Liturgical Embroidery Patterns

A collection of historic designs on aged paper dating from the 1870s to around 1940 and beyond. The collection includes original works by renowned designers from the Gothic age spanning the last two centuries, including perforated designs and transfers sourced from an antique Thomas Brown and Sons catalog. The designs are currently undergoing verification after a thorough historical tracing. It’s important to document and preserve this collection for future generations as a valuable resource for study and learning.

Liturgical Arts Resources

Liturgical Arts Resources

Liturgical Arts Resources link artists for inspiration. The Lutheran Art Resources site values quality in church aesthetics, focusing on unique paraments and vestments. Despite limited resources, various options exist for obtaining high-quality liturgical art. Scapegoat Studio Blog’s logos and Ad Crucem’s vibrant paintings, including Edward Riojas’s, add richness to this artistic community.