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Tag: Metallic Braids

Liturgical pieces, such as church vestments and altar cloths, often feature metallic braids to enhance their appearance. These braids consist of metallic threads that give them a unique shine and glimmer. These are an ideal choice for adding texture to any liturgical garment or accessory. Ecclesiastical offers in various colors, and designs, making them versatile and adaptable to liturgical styles and preferences.

If you want to decorate your liturgical pieces with quality braids, browse the Ecclesiastical Sewing online store. Our braids are durable and capable of withstanding frequent use with proper handling

Whether you’re a professional vestment maker or a church member, Ecclesiastical Sewing has everything you need to create unique and beautiful quality liturgical pieces

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Sewing Galloon Trim to Orphrey Bands

Sewing Galloon Trim to Orphrey Bands

Sewing galloon trim to orphrey bands for pastoral stoles. Pre-make orphrey bands by pinning galloon trim to the base fabric before stitching. Ensure the surged edge is halfway up the trim to avoid fraying. Use an even feed foot on the sewing machine to prevent puckering. Stitch close to the galloon edge, back-stitching at the start and end. Repeat for each orphrey piece, maintaining even stitching. Check the position of the fourth piece to ensure alignment. This method reduces puckers and ensures a polished look for your pastoral stole. Happy sewing!

Imitation Japanese Gold Thread for Liturgical Embroidery

Green and Gold Braid

Excitement as gold threads from England arrive for the IHS Altar Frontal project. Oakleaf design trims add elegance. Silk Dupioni in Olive green chosen as a canvas for the Rose Vestment Set. Introducing a mix of Soie Paris Embroidery floss and Or ‘Nue techniques. Join us in the exciting journey of making with dazzling, sparkling, and glittering designs!