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Church service attire includes sewing tippets, which clergy members often use during important ceremonies. These patterns are designed for clergymen to carry important religious texts or serve office prayers. By creating a custom tippet pattern, clergymen can ensure that they have personalized attire.

This pattern not only serves as a functional accessory but also has significant symbolic importance in the church. The Tippet symbolizes the authority and duty of clergy members to uphold the teachings of the church and serve their congregations. By wearing this pattern, clergymen can convey respect for their sacred duties besides looking their best. In short, a tippet is an important piece of church service attire that serves both practical and symbolic purposes.

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Sewing Tips: What is needed to make a Tippet

The tippet pattern is one of the many church vestment sewing patterns available through our Ecclesiastical Sewing online storefront. The tippet pattern is sized to have a nice length and width. Tippets are worn with a surplice and cassock as part of the choir dress. They are used for the offices of morning and evening prayer or at other times when Holy Communion is not served.

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What is a Tippet: Church Vestments

The tippet was originally a form of outdoor dress and it may have been fur-lined. Much of its history has been tied to academic use. Tippets have historically been made of silk fabric. The tippet is generally between 6″ to 10.5″ wide. The softer the fabric, the wider the tippet may be. The ends are usually finished with a plain simple hem. However, in the 19th century, the ends were finished with a zig-zag or pinked end.