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Category: Religious Designs And Symbols

Let us find out the religious designs and symbols, where each image holds deep meaning within the Christian faith. These symbols act as visual portrayals, showing devotion to Christianity. The cross, for instance, symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus and the redemption of humanity, serving as a constant reminder in churches and rituals. Another significant symbol is the fish, historically used by early Christians to signify their allegiance to Jesus. Additionally, the dove, representing the Holy Spirit and peace, holds great importance in Christian symbolism. These symbols adorn churches, texts, and various Christian ceremonies, creating a visual narrative that deeply connects believers to their faith.

As you look further into the exploration of religious designs and symbols, discover the meanings behind them and how they strengthen the connection to the Christian faith. Whether you’re a devoted Christian or simply curious, immerse yourself in the world of Christian symbols. Appreciate the visual beauty and meanings of each symbol, gaining insights into the beliefs that have shaped Christian communities throughout history.

Uncover the rich history behind religious designs and symbols, revealing the unique stories each symbol tells and the universal language they communicate to believers worldwide. As you travel through this exploration, let these symbols inspire reflection on your personal spiritual path and the enduring influence of faith in the Christian tradition. Eventually, may these symbols illuminate your journey, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of various aspects of Christian spirituality and moments of personal discovery.

Tool kit

Sacred Heart Project Launch!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our linen kit for the upcoming Sacred Heart project in collaboration with ClaraStitching. Download your free printable patterns from the provided Dropbox link and note that only fifty linen kits are available, so act fast! Clara Stitching will be hosting a free hand embroidery class on June 15th; sign up for updates via her forum link.

Clara Stitching Design

Introducing Clara Warschauer!

Exciting news! A collaboration between Clara of Clarastitching and a mystery partner brings a project revamping liturgical vestments, mostly free. Sacred Heart month marks its launch. Clara, an embroidery expert, offers workshops and project kits with free global shipping. Based in the UK, her influence extends to South America. Follow her on Instagram for inspiration and to join her vibrant community.

Chi Rho Bullion Gold Applique

(PX) Did you know?

The Chi-Rho symbol, comprised of the Greek letters Chi (?) and Rho (?), represents “Christ” in Christianity. Legend has it that Roman Emperor Constantine the Great saw this symbol before a key battle, leading to his victory. Constantine’s embrace of Christianity and promotion of the symbol marked a turning point, contributing to the religion’s rise in the Roman Empire.

Scarlet Gothic Chasuble Pelican Design | Lent Holy Week Gothic Chasuble Ecclesiastical Sewing

Pelican as a Symbol of Christianity

The church symbol of the pelican was first used in the British 12th century as the bird was believed to be a perfect example of the great sacrifice that our Lord made for us. It awakens the spirit of charity towards others and reminds us of the generosity of our Lord, the great redeemer. Therefore, the image of the pelican is a strong reminder that ties us to our faith and a universal symbol that joins the Christian community together.

St. Michael Artwork Print Edward Riojas at Ecclesiastical Sewing

Liturgical Artwork Prints | Gift Ideas

Looking for something that will be enjoyed by your special father every day? Please consider selecting the perfect gift of a Giclée print. Giclée prints are the archival standard used by museums and galleries to reproduce fine art. The images are printed on Hahnemuehle fine art paper and are ready for framing to suit your decor.

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis: A Taste of Europe in the New World

You might find the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, located in Missouri, The seat of the Diocese of St. Louis, this magnificent cathedral is dedicated to St. Louis, King of France. Louis IX is the only French king to be canonized, and the reign of Louis IX was known for having a close association between Church teaching and civil society.

Adoration of the Magi - Epiphany Banner Ecclesiastical Sewing

Epiphany: A Celebration with Varied Traditions

Epiphany is a feast day in the Western church, white vestments and paraments are used. Sometimes gold is substituted. There aren’t any specific Epiphany symbols, but there are often representations of the Three Kings elsewhere in churches.

Embroidery Design by Ecclesiastical Sewing

The Christmas Rose Legend and Symbolism

Christmas rose, also known as the Glastonbury Rose. This is a little white flower that grows in northern Europe during the winter. Legend has it that the Christmas rose is of miraculous origin. As the Christmas rose represents purity, it has often been carved into confessionals as a five-petal flower: the penitent walks in a guilty sinner, and out with their purity restored. It also appears in plenty of medieval heraldry, among other uses.

Pulpit falls Church Vestments Easter Vestments Clergy vestments Ecclesiastical Sewing

White and Gold for Easter and Christmas

Ecclesiastical Sewing introduced a design collection entitled Dayspring. The collection features timeless and elegant designs created by our liturgical artist friend, Edward Riojas. The collection features a variety of design themes that symbolize both the Nativity of Christ and His Resurrection.  The designs were gold threads stitched on white paraments and vestments, featuring designs like the IHC monogram with a rising sun, the Pomegranate design, and several others found in our various collections.

Upcoming Events: Needlework Exhibit At the Haehn Museum

If your travel plans include a visit to Minnesota, this is an Ecclesiastical Arts Needlework Collection worth seeing. Many of the pieces in the collection are becoming fragile with age, and so, this may be the last exhibit for some of the pieces in the collection. The rose copes shown in the above photo are embroidered on a lovely white silk ground fabric. The piece is close to 100 years old or more.

St. Ambrose

St. Ambrose Church Father and his Symbol

Born as Aurelius Ambrosius in 334 A.D., the man we know as St. Ambrose grew up in Gaul where his father held a high post as prefecture. It is said that a swarm of bees visited the infant Ambrose, landing upon his eyes and lips. This tradition claims to be the source of Ambrose’s ability later in life to speak in honeyed, caring words. So, the beehive has become the symbol most frequently associated with St. Ambrose because it is a symbol of eloquence. The symbol for St. Ambrose relate to the ex-communication of Emperor Theodosius for his massacre of the people of Thessalonica.

Webber all saints

All Saints Day

Each renowned saint has his or her own symbol in ecclesiastical sewing. A church that is named after a blessed saint can place that saint’s symbol on a piece of ecclesiastical vestment. All Saints Day, is the celebration of all of the Christian saints. During the mass persecutions, saints were martyred and there was no way to keep track of them all and mark each day as their own saint’s day. And so All Saints Day is the day we remember them. We decorate our churches in white, which reminds the feasting eyes of the congregation of the triumph of the saints, washed of their sins and made as white as snow by the all-availing sacrifice of Christ Our Saviour.