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Ecclesiastical Sewing, a family-owned business, specializes in creating beautifully crafted liturgical vestments, altar hangings, and paraments for churches and religious organizations. Our team at Ecclesiastical Sewing has a passion for preserving the traditions of liturgical sewing.  We carefully craft each piece by hand with precision and care, ensuring attention to every detail. One of our missions is to add church settings beauty and solemnity in every ceremony.  Making every piece a cherished part of a shared journey in serving the faith.

In addition to sewing skills, Ecclesiastical Sewing also provides helpful tips and techniques for those interested in liturgical sewing.  Our blogs are a valuable resource for anyone looking to hone their sewing skills.  And also to learn more about the art of creating beautiful vestments and paraments. Ecclesiastical Sewing has extensive knowledge and experience, dedicated to helping others on their own journeys in liturgical sewing, creating meaningful pieces that will be cherished for generations to come.


National Altar Guild Convention This Weekend

Altar Guilds play an important role in the life of the church. Some churches have small altar guilds while others have large guilds. Altar guilds serve many functions in the life of the church. They care for the flowers, linens, and vestments at a basic minimum. They may make the linens and vestments, set communion, and so much more.

Church Vestment Making Classes Fall 2018

Church Vestment Making Classes Fall 2018

The Five Day Conference Includes several different Course Offerings: Beginning Stole Making, Advanced Stole Making, Pulpit Falls, and Monastic Chasubles.  Most students will start with the Beginning Stole Making Course and move on to the Advanced Stole Making or Pulpit Falls. Course Details, kit fees, and other pertinent information are available on the conference website.

Ecclesiastical Sewing: Our Story

Meet the Ecclesiastical Sewing family! Founded by Carrie Roberts in 2014, the family brings rich ecclesiastical vestments to churches of all sizes. Carrie’s fashion design background and international market experience lay the foundation. With artistic son Christopher’s designs, they offer embroidery patterns, Ashley, a historian, explores church vestment history, while Travis manages operations. The technical side is handled by Nicholas, bringing designs to life digitally.

Zerwas Wedding

Ecclesiastical Sewing Introduces Ashley

Ecclesiastical Sewing would like to officially welcome Ashley Zerwas to our team. Ashley is Carrie’s only daughter and she has taken a full-time job working for the family business after recently graduating college. When the Ecclesiastical Sewing storefront opens, Ashley will be helping to run the business behind the scenes. Ashley will manage social media, as well as assist with product development and sourcing. Ashley will also take on the role of Editor in Chief for Ecclesiastical Sewing.

Season Changes

Season Changes The seasons are changing, and there is no doubt about it. The days are still sunny and warm while the evenings have a bit of a chill. There has even been a hint of frost in the air and on the ground this week in Northern Minnesota.  Seasonal changes are not the only new events occurring in and around the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom.  Soon there will be a brand new format for Ecclesiastical Sewing along with a new website storefront. The changes are slow, and it takes a… Read more Season Changes

Meet Martin the Steadfast

Meet Martin the Steadfast

There is a new man in the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom of late. He is on duty, 24/7, never leaving his post. He never complains, or tires of his duty.  He responds to my beck and call.  He stands to guard over my vintage liturgical sewing library, keeping harm and danger at bay. He has been hanging around for several months now, not doing much of anything…..sometimes he is in the way and gets shoved or pushed, but he takes it in stride.  He is tall and well-built. But sometimes, he gets a bit down. Let’s meet Martin the Steadfas

Back to Ecclesiastical Projects – Soon

Back to Ecclesiastical Projects – Soon For all of you patiently waiting for a new post, never fear. The Ecclesiastical Sewing blog has not dropped off the face of the planet….or at least not quite. I have been enjoying a few weeks off with family, and visiting some remote places that are nearly off the map. Fortunately,  I have found my way out of the backcountry of Glacier Park and will be back to work posting new Ecclesiastical Sewing Projects next week. Until then, happy summer. Solo Dei Gloria Be… Read more Back to Ecclesiastical Projects – Soon

Rose Vestments for Laetare and Gaudete Sunday

Laetare Sunday or Rose Vestments

Using Rose Vestments during Advent and Lent varies among differing church bodies.  The New Liturgical Movement has some information on the historical use of Rose Vestments within the Catholic Church.  The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod’s view on Rose Vestments is slightly different. If a Rose Vestment Set is desired or planned for your church, be sure to check with your pastor or bishop concerning appropriate use and guidelines for liturgical colors.

Butler Bowden Cope  -  Grace Christie Embroidery: A Collection of Articles on Subjects Connected with Fine Embroidery

Happy New Year

Post from Gracie Christie’s book Embroidery: A Collection of Articles on Subjects Connected with Fine Embroidery which had the design for the lion’s head worked in pearl and beadwork.  While updating links in that article, some other resources surfaced, which might provide enjoyable reading and viewing as the New Year gets underway.  The first stop is a short journey back in time to a previous Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Ecclesiastical Vestments of the Middle Ages: An Exhibition.