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Category: Ecclesiastical Sewing

Ecclesiastical Sewing, a family-owned business, specializes in creating beautifully crafted liturgical vestments, altar hangings, and paraments for churches and religious organizations. Our team at Ecclesiastical Sewing has a passion for preserving the traditions of liturgical sewing.  We carefully craft each piece by hand with precision and care, ensuring attention to every detail. One of our missions is to add church settings beauty and solemnity in every ceremony.  Making every piece a cherished part of a shared journey in serving the faith.

In addition to sewing skills, Ecclesiastical Sewing also provides helpful tips and techniques for those interested in liturgical sewing.  Our blogs are a valuable resource for anyone looking to hone their sewing skills.  And also to learn more about the art of creating beautiful vestments and paraments. Ecclesiastical Sewing has extensive knowledge and experience, dedicated to helping others on their own journeys in liturgical sewing, creating meaningful pieces that will be cherished for generations to come.

Butler Bowden Cope  -  Grace Christie Embroidery: A Collection of Articles on Subjects Connected with Fine Embroidery

Happy New Year

Post from Gracie Christie’s book Embroidery: A Collection of Articles on Subjects Connected with Fine Embroidery which had the design for the lion’s head worked in pearl and beadwork.  While updating links in that article, some other resources surfaced, which might provide enjoyable reading and viewing as the New Year gets underway.  The first stop is a short journey back in time to a previous Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Ecclesiastical Vestments of the Middle Ages: An Exhibition. 

Goud, zilver and zijde by Marike Van Roon, , Holiday Break

Holiday Break

Book written by Marike van Roon, Head Curator at Amsterdam University as her dissertation was added to my library last summer and has become a favorite.  Beginning at around the 1800s, the book lays out the history of European Ecclesiastical History through the 1960s.  There is a nice mix of primary source material in the form of sketches and illustrations from texts and authors of the period, while stunning black and white, and color photography of actual vestments pieces

Museum Ursuline Center, Summer Travels

More Surprises on Summer Travels

Visiting the museum, display revealed a whitework embroidery fragments, including one with the words “Happy Feast!” and the date “1895.” The remnants were cut from a larger hand-embroidered linen tablecloth used by the Sisters, showcasing beautiful craftsmanship. Intrigued by the search for Ecclesiastical Embroidery, we were directed to Father, to know the promising revelations in the chapel.

Ecclesiastical Design Idea Book

Results of Organization Weekend

Starting with a plan for a quick cleanup, it evolved into a comprehensive overhaul of scattered Ecclesiastical Sewing and Embroidery ideas. What began as a simple task extended into organizing notebooks, sorting patterns, and creating a system. Nine 3-ring binders later, everything has its place, labeled and easily accessible. This newfound order brings joy, making it quicker to find project details.

Ecclesiastical Sewing Blog

All in a Day’s Work

Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design project for the Easter Pulpit Fall is underway. The linen is now framed up, and the pouncing and tracing will soon be complete. Utilizing the Millennium Frames from Needle Needs for the first time, a short video tutorial was a helpful guide. Framing proved a bit tricky with two layers—the Alabaster Linen from Hedgehog Handworks and a layer of Kona Cotton for backing and support. flipping the frame to the backside ensured proper alignment and support for the lining fabric.

Ecclesiastical Designs

The Never-Ending Quest for Ecclesiastical Designs

Creating various designs for Church Vestments remained a challenge. The Agnus Dei symbol aided in creating the pulpit fall, while inspiration from stained glass guided the design of the Altar Frontal. The quest for better designs spanned years, incorporating research, internet searches, and volunteer work. Gradually, more refined designs came to light.

Ecclesiastical Vestment Making, Ecclesiastical Sewing Design

Ecclesiastical Sewing

Ecclesiastical Sewing involves crafting Church Vestments and facing challenges in finding techniques and patterns. After years of searching and studying, knowledge about this nearly vanished art form has been gathered. Through Ecclesiastical Sewing, liturgical fabrics, patterns, and designs are shared with those passionate about Ecclesiastical Vestment Making.