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Sewing has been a lifelong passion. It was only natural that my love of sewing resulted in pursuing a degree in Costume Design. Now being able to combine that passion for design with sewing for the Church brings double pleasure: Ecclesiastical Sewing!

Ecclesiastical Vestment Making

Reviving the Art of Ecclesiastical Vestment Making

When I started making  Ecclesiastical or Church Vestments, there was not much available in the way of techniques, church vestment patterns, Liturgical Embroidery Designs, or Ecclesiastical Embroidery Patterns. Locating instructions for sewing altar hangings, church linens, and church vestments was a struggle. It has taken years of searching and study to find the remnants of an art form that has nearly vanished. During this journey, I have met many kindred spirits who share the same passions and quest for knowledge related to Church Vestments and Vestment Making. There have been struggles to overcome and lessons learned. There is nothing quite like the joy that comes when a church vestment project, not only turns out but turns out very well. Now it is time to share the information I have gained relating to Ecclesiastical Sewing with others. From this desire,  Ecclesiastical Sewing was born.  Ecclesiastical Sewing is our online storefront where you may purchase liturgical fabrics, patterns, machine, and hand embroidery designs, and church vestment patterns.

Ecclesiastical Vestment Making

Along the way, I hope to share photos of works in processes such as chalice veils, altar frontals, pulpit falls, chasubles, and pastoral or priest stoles; works I have completed including hand-embroidered Ecclesiastical designs, pieces from collections I have seen, ideas and musings for future projects, techniques, and with any luck, perhaps…….well, time will tell the rest.

Come along and join me on the journey.

Soli Deo Gloria

Be sure to visit our online store front Ecclesiastical Sewing where you may shop for Liturgical Fabrics, altar linen fabrics, church vestment-making patterns, liturgical machine embroidery designschurch vestment trims and notions and so much more. You may also find us on  Ecclesiastical Sewing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Any guesses?


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  1. Carrie – I have a question about how your altar frontal is assembled and used. I have never actually seen a full frontal and super frontal in use on the altar (at least, that I recall!) Our present altar fair linen is the exact depth of the altar, so nothing hangs over front or back, but there is about a 12″ overhang on each side. With a full frontal, where most of the design area is on the front, does the fair linen overhang on the sides, or should I make a smaller fair linen the same size as the top of the altar?

    • The fair linen sounds like it is the correct dimensions. My Dear Friend, Elizabeth Morgan, advises that the fair linen should have the same depth as a superfrontal. The superfrontal ranges in depth from 9 to 12″. What you describe is how Elizabeth instructed me to make the fair linen and frontal years ago. The fair linen should always hang over the ends of the altar. We use another piece underneath the fair linen that is the exact size of the altar top, which is placed over on top of the frontal decking. Sorry, the name of this piece escapes me at the moment. From the bottom up, there is the frontal decking, the linen piece that is exactly the size of the mensa top, and then the fair linen. I will try to get photos this weekend on how the frontal is assembled and placed on the altar.