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Ambo Falls

In a liturgical setting, the congregation typically proclaims Bible readings from a raised platform or podium known as an “ambo.” Churches often feature the ambo as a designated place for reading passages from the Bible and making other liturgical announcements or speeches.

The design and style of ambo fall can vary, but congregations commonly elevate it to ensure visibility and audibility. Some traditions include two ambos. One for readings from the Old Testament and the Epistles, and another for the Gospel reading. The use of the ambo underscores the significance of worship service accords to the proclamation of sacred words,

City of David Collection Altar Frontal

Messianic Prophecies: City of David Advent Collection

Discover the City of David Superfrontal and Advent Collection, filled with religious symbols. It represents Messianic prophecies and Christ’s lineage, reminding of His coming. Add beauty to your space with stunning designs like the O’ Sapientia, depicting God’s wisdom. Customize these pieces to fit different religious settings.

Chi Rho Bullion Gold Applique

(PX) Did you know?

The Chi-Rho symbol, comprised of the Greek letters Chi (?) and Rho (?), represents “Christ” in Christianity. Legend has it that Roman Emperor Constantine the Great saw this symbol before a key battle, leading to his victory. Constantine’s embrace of Christianity and promotion of the symbol marked a turning point, contributing to the religion’s rise in the Roman Empire.

Apostle Banner Green Trinity Season

Green?! Are you ready?

Ordinary Time in the liturgical calendar and encourages readers to consider custom vestments for their worship space. It stresses the importance of planning ahead due to the bespoke nature of the vestments, with a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks. Readers are urged to act now to ensure availability, custom craftsmanship, and a seamless transition into Ordinary Time, fostering spiritual renewal and community nurturing within faith communities.

Luther Rose Brocade Liturgical Fabric Higher Things Conferences Fringe trim machine embroidery Church vestments Pulpit fall altar hanging Baxter MN

Adding Fringe Trim to a Pulpit Fall or Superfrontal

To sew fringe, you have two options. The first is using a multi-step zigzag stitch with a matching thread color. Keep the stitch width wide and length short, with zigs and zags about 1/4 inch apart. The second method involves using an edge foot for straight stitching. Adjust the needle position to stitch about 3/16″ from the fringe’s edge, and guide the fringe along the edge foot for straight and even stitches. Sew slowly to maintain precision.

Ecclesiastical Designs

The Never-Ending Quest for Ecclesiastical Designs

Creating various designs for Church Vestments remained a challenge. The Agnus Dei symbol aided in creating the pulpit fall, while inspiration from stained glass guided the design of the Altar Frontal. The quest for better designs spanned years, incorporating research, internet searches, and volunteer work. Gradually, more refined designs came to light.