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Our selection ranges from delicate and subtle to bold and eye-catching, and quality materials ensure that every piece of fringe remains durable. With a variety of colors and styles available, there are sure to be trims that match your design aesthetic. The trims have beautiful and intricate trimming that can add elegance to any liturgical piece, upholstery, or home decor.

Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern look, our fringe is the perfect finishing touch for your next sewing project. Browse our selection today and discover the perfect trims to enhance your projects. Choose Ecclesiastical Sewing for all your fringe needs and experience the difference that quality makes.

Measuring for tassels on a Priest or Pastoral stole

Pastoral or Priest Stole Ends: Fringe and Tassels

Tassels and fringe make excellent finishes for stole ends, but there are tricks for both. For tassels, use a button-hole marker to ensure even spacing. Decide on the number of tassels and the desired distance from each end, then mark and pin them in place. Tassels have a small cord or loop at the upper edge; attach it evenly. Tack the cord on the back of the stole, ensuring even hanging. In the photo, gold rayon blend tassels were initially used but later replaced with metallic gold tassels.

Lansdowne Braid for use on Church Vestments, Priest or Pastoral Stoles: More Trims

Priest or Pastoral Stoles: More Trims

Dice Trim,” has tiny alternating squares woven in a solid color and a gold thread. This trim, although narrow at 1/2″, is a powerhouse of a trim, it gives a clean, tailored look. It sews very nicely. It comes in a nice assortment of liturgical colors: black, red, green, blue, gold, white, and purple. Dice Braid offers a very clean, tailored, crisp finish to vestments. It can be used to edge the long sides of stoles or as an end finish to a stole. It can be used as a finish on the edge of a chalice veil, as well as being used on any other type of vestment where trim is needed.

Rose Vestments Chalice Veil

Rose Chalice Veil Construction

Chalice veils are very simple to construct. The beauty of the finished piece lies in excellent workmanship construction techniques and appropriate design placement. The design of a chalice veil can be as simple or elaborate as the imagination allows.  Although the chalice veils do not have any trim around the edge, it is appropriate to use a cord as a decorative finish at the seam. Chalice veils often have a cross motif placed on the front edge too.

Dice Trim used on Vestments and Altar Hangings

Something to Share

Sharing a vintage church embroidery design from the 1800s, still in the “rough draft” phase and the possibilities for church embroidery design are endless. On option is this versatile design could be used for whitework on altar linens or adapted for silk and gold threads on stole ends or maniples. Placing it in a quatrefoil frame makes it suitable for chasubles or burses. Stretching and elongating for a double oval ring offers options for stoles or chasubles. The design, enhanced with Dice Trim, can also adorn chasubles and dalmatics. The journey of creating ecclesiastical designs is ongoing, offering endless opportunities to learn and explore.