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Priest or Pastoral Stoles: More Trims

Priest or Pastoral Stoles: More Trims: Ecclesiastical Sewing projects and Church Vestments are often a fun challenge. What is not to love? There is an unlimited variety of Ecclesiastical Trims available in all the best liturgical colors.

Assorted trims for use on Church Vestments
Assorted trims for use on Church Vestments

The above collection of trim samples for use in Ecclesiastical Sewing is all made using the same base. They all have the heavier yarn woven back and forth. The gold thread is used as the fill threads. These gold threads end up being woven into a variety of patterns.

Vestment trim of narrow white Dice Braid
Vestment trim of narrow white Dice Braid

Dice Trim

This trim, called “Dice Trim,” has tiny alternating squares woven in a solid color and a gold thread. This trim, although narrow at 1/2″, is a powerhouse of a trim. It is not fussy, it gives a clean, tailored look. It sews very nicely. And not overly bulky or heavy to work with. Best of all it comes in a nice assortment of liturgical colors: black, red, green, blue, gold, white, and purple. (There is even a rose-colored Dice Trim). Dice Braid offers a very clean, tailored, crisp finish to vestments. It can be used to edge the long sides of stoles or as an end finish to a stole. It can serve as a finish on the edge of a chalice veil, as well as on any other type of vestment requiring trim. Just always keep the narrow width in mind.

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Lansdowne Braid

Lansdowne Braid is made with the same base yarn. The difference between this Ecclesiastical Braid and the Dice trim is the pattern that is woven into the braid. Lansdowne Braid has an oval pattern that encloses a cross. The design is a nice variation and is different from the Dice Braid.

Assorted trims for use on Church Vestments, Priest or Pastoral Stoles: More Trims
Assorted trims for use on Church Vestments

In this photo, the blue trim with the diagonal gold lines, called Trail Braid, also has the same base as the woven yarn. Trail braid comes in the same basic set of liturgical colors.

Dice braid used to trim end of orphrey band, Priest or Pastoral Stoles: More Trims
Dice braid used to trim the end of orphrey band

All of these trims are imported to the United States from the United Kingdom. They are easy to work with. They do not have a nice pattern repeat.

So if you are looking for a classic style of narrow braid for use in Vestment Making or Ecclesiastical Sewing, perhaps one of these trims might be an option for a future project.

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