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Meet Martin the Mannequin! He was purchased from a fashion gallery and shipped to Ecclesiastical Sewing in Northern Minnesota to be used as a fashion form for trying on vestments. Not a fan of the cold or the small-town vibes, Martin struggles to adapt to his new job.

Ecclesiastical Sewing sewing studio, specializing in creating beautiful vestments for churches, features Martin Mannequin as its star attraction. We use Martin’s perfectly proportioned body and flexible joints to create intricate and ornate vestments that meet clients’ needs.

Martin, accustomed to exact measurements, has been a part of Ecclesiastical Sewing for years, witnessing numerous creative processes. The team has adorned him in luxurious fabrics, decorated with intricate embroidery. Martin is not merely a mannequin; he is a work of art and takes pride in being a part of Ecclesiastical Sewing’s legacy of excellence.


Linen Alb Sewing Pattern for Priests

The One With The Misplaced Orphrey — February’s Snowstorm Part 4

Martin The Mannequin – Episode 4
In the snowy aftermath of a storm, a mannequin named Martin finds himself seeking warmth in a boutique. To his surprise, he encounters living mannequins, and his presence sparks excitement. Despite wanting to leave Minnesota, Martin gets drawn into helping with sewing tasks by a determined house elf named Timothy. As the snowstorm rages outside, Martin learns the art of pinning and discovers a newfound appreciation for the lakes of Minnesota.

Christmas Angel Banners | Ecclesiastical Sewing White Banners

The One With The Elf — February’s Snowstorm Part 3

Martin The Mannequin _ Episode 3
In the snowy studio, a house elf named Timothy surprises Martin, the mannequin. Offering help with vestment repairs, Timothy shares his lineage connected to Jeanne Lanvin’s fashion house in Paris. While fixing stoles, Timothy directs Martin to return quick ship vestments and take the cat, Nightingale, back to the Arbor Boutique. Martin, intrigued by Timothy’s tales, heads out into the winter storm.

Historic Dress of the Clergy by Rev. George S Tyack classic Reprint of 1897 original, February's Snowstorm

The One With The Nap — February’s Snowstorm Part 2

In Part 2 of February’s Snowstorm, Martin finds a stray cat in the studio and cares for it. While reading about church vestments, he discovers that Travis won’t be in for two days due to the snowstorm. Engrossed in church symbolism books, he accidentally falls asleep. Waking up in a panic, he realizes the cat has played havoc with ecclesiastical stoles. To his surprise, a cheerful voice offers help from above.

Rose Banners Gaudete and Laetare, February's Snowstorm Image

The One With The Cat — February’s Snowstorm Part 1

In Part 1 of February’s Snowstorm, Martin, a mannequin, finds solace in the quiet studio. He contemplates his secluded life in the frigid north, reminiscing about his work in NYC’s fashion district. As he explores the studio, he notices new banners and the impending snowstorm outside. Frustrated with the lack of job opportunities, he decides to work out to maintain his physique. During his routine, he spots a sable cat outside and decides to let it in for the night, providing unexpected companionship in the Ecclesiastical Sewing studio.

Meet Martin the Steadfast

Meet Martin the Steadfast

There is a new man in the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom of late. He is on duty, 24/7, never leaving his post. He never complains, or tires of his duty.  He responds to my beck and call.  He stands to guard over my vintage liturgical sewing library, keeping harm and danger at bay. He has been hanging around for several months now, not doing much of anything…..sometimes he is in the way and gets shoved or pushed, but he takes it in stride.  He is tall and well-built. But sometimes, he gets a bit down. Let’s meet Martin the Steadfas

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