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Christians worldwide consider Good Friday a significant day as it marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday and is also known as Holy Friday or Black Friday. The day commemorates Jesus’ sacrifice for the redemption of humanity’s sins, making it a significant event in the Christian faith.

Many Christians observe this day as a solemn reflection and mourning. Some choose to fast or attend church services to honor the day’s significance. It is also a day to remember the love and grace of Jesus Christ, who bore the pain and suffering for the salvation of humanity.

Overall, this reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus and his selfless act of love for all of us.

liturgical vestment fabric

Something Special For Lent and Good Friday: Black Vestment Fabrics

The Lenten Season is a time of year when black vestment fabrics are worn. The use of black will depend on which rites a church follows, but it is not uncommon to use black for Ash Wednesday as well as for Good Friday. This black brocade with a circle and cross motif has a nice weight and hand. It would work great if black hangings such as plain black banners were needed to drape in a church to create a somber mood for Good Friday. The fabric could also be used for any variety of church vestments and hangings.

Good Friday 2017 and Stabat Mater Dolorosa

Good Friday 2017 and Stabat Mater Dolorosa

Good Friday in 2017 – church adhered to solemn customs, draping the altar in black with six candles, the seventh being the Paschal candle. While black is our choice, I found practices in other churches, employing red or violet. Despite the somber tone of Good Friday services, they set the stage for a joyous Easter celebration.

Lent Cross Digital Embroidery Design

Thoughts of Lent

Lent is a penitential season and a time of reflection. Lent has always been a favorite season of the church year. Throughout the years – the rich tapestry of hymns reserved specifically for Lent remains vivid, as the scriptures of Christ’s Passion and Lenten hymns were forever twined together in mind. One could begin to imagine the agony Christ suffered as he prayed. Singing the hymn “Go to Dark Gethsemane” in the dim evening light of the church. It was then and still a favorite Lenten Hymn.

Chalice veil for Good Friday and Lent

Making a Chalice Veil Part II: Good Friday Chalice Veil

The Saint Augustine Chalice Veil is made from Silk Dupioni, which is a great option for black vestments used on Good Friday. Silk Dupioni is a good fabric choice for church vestment making because it looks rich, has a natural sheen, and a depth of color. Combining a solid fabric with a patterned orphrey allows the vestment to be visible from more than the first few rows of church pews.

Pastoral Stoles kits and ready made

Pastoral Stoles for Advent, Lent, and Good Friday

A collection of stoles is being prepared for purchase, with finishing touches such as tassels and neckline chains. Hand-made stoles will also be available for purchase, created using traditional techniques and high-quality standards. All stoles will be made in the USA by partnering with ecclesiastical tailors and seamstresses.

A closer look at the large and small Ogee Motifs

Chalice Veil Orphreys

Ecclesiastical Brocatelle fabric for the Ash Wednesday and Good Friday Vestment set has a pattern repeat. But not a tiny, regular pattern repeat.  It is a whopping 17″ pattern repeat. There is a tiny arrow at the point or peak of the gold border which is an Ogee pattern. This fabric also has a pattern repeated on the width which is easily determined by measuring the distance between the two black dots located at the base of the gold frame.