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Pastoral Stoles for Advent, Lent, and Good Friday

Pastoral Stoles for Advent, Lent, and Good Friday:

There is never a dull moment in the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom – except during the hours I must be at my full-time day job. Once the working day ends, Ecclesiastical Sewing comes to life in the evenings and all weekend.  We put in long days and long hours working behind the scenes to continue to develop new products to use in the making of Church Vestments.  So even though there might be a few days between writing posts, we are seldom idle.

Tonight I thought I would give you a taste of some visual eye candy as we share some of the things coming along here on Ecclesiastical Sewing.  It is also our hope that some of these things might be great ideas to get the wheels in motion and the thoughts churning for your next Ecclesiastical Sewing project. We know it is often difficult to look at the fabric on the Ecclesiastical Sewing website and try to figure out which patterns work well together. So the first set of photos is a bright and colorful collection of pastoral and priest stoles.

Pastoral Stole Lent

Here you will find a colorful assortment of pastoral or priest stoles made from our 4 1/2″ wide Pastoral stole pattern available from our online store Ecclesiastical Sewing. We make these stoles from fabrics available in our online store.

To make things even easier, the stolen Liturgical fabrics are available in a kit that includes the face fabric, interfacing, and lining fabric. Through December 31, 2016, we are offering our stole pattern for free with the purchase of a Pastoral Stole kit as part of our Grand Opening Celebration.

Liturgical Fabrics From Ecclesiastical Sewing

Starting on the left side, let’s do the introductions to these fabrics and trims. The green stole is made from the Green Glastonbury Brocade fabric which is also available as a stole kit. The orphrey band is Evesham. in the green/gold color combination with St. Benet trim as the galloon.  Next up is violet Fairford Brocade available by the yard and as a pastoral stole kit.  Fairford brocade has been designed in both a solid color combination and a two-toned color combination to make it easy to have coordinating fabrics, providing unlimited design possibilities. The stole face fabric is solid colored violet which has been paired with the two-toned violet/gold fabric.  Isn’t that a stunning combination?  What a handsome stole that makes.  One of my favorites! The trim is St. Benet.

Variety for the Upcoming Lenten Season

The black stole is made from black silk dupioni as the face fabric, and the black/gold two-toned Fairford and trimmed with black/gold St. Benet Trim.  This is another favorite combination. Start thinking ahead for Good Friday now!  It will soon be here.

The next two stoles in Red and Violet are also made from Silk Dupioni, and trimmed with Evesham Orphreys and st. Benet Galloon.  With Lent coming up fast around the corner, it is time to start planning for those needs. The final stole peaking at us from the wings is the silk dupioni stole with an Aragon Tapestry orphrey. The Aragon Tapestry is available in a red and green color combination. We selected the Red Lurex Aragon Tapestry fabric orphrey for use on this stole. This is the stole that everyone here at the studio has fallen in love with, and there is no wonder. The silk is a vibrant violet color, and the Lurex Aragon Tapestry with blue, purple, and red colors comes to life on this stole. This stole turned out so well, we are looking forward to making a matching chasuble shortly.

Purple Red Black Pastoral Stoles

The Fairford Two-tone fabric and the Evesham both cut well for use as an orphrey trim for stoles. We will have pre-cut orphrey bands available soon. But if you see something from the above collection of stoles that looks interesting, please email us through the contact page at the storefront, and we will do our best to help you out with an orphrey of your choice.

Pastoral Stoles kits and ready made

Preview of Our Finishing Touches

We are sending this collection of stoles for finishing touches, including tassels, neckline chains, and a final once-over. Soon, they will be available as ready-made stoles for purchase. We realize that not everyone can sew, or has a seamstress within their church who is comfortable with making pastoral stoles. We are working on a line of hand-made stoles for purchase.  And use traditional techniques which include hand finishing of the lining fabric. All tassels and fringe are sewn on by hand to ensure they meet our quality standards.  Each stole will be hand-made right here in the USA in the studios of our partnering Ecclesiastical tailors and seamstresses. We will share more on that later, too.

Other things in the works include chasuble patterns that are off for testing and sample making, new lining fabrics, and embroidery designs. We also hope to get to some projects shortly. Stay tuned!

Soli Deo Gloria

Be sure to visit our online store front Ecclesiastical Sewing where you may shop for Liturgical Fabrics, altar linen fabrics, church vestment-making patterns, liturgical machine embroidery designschurch vestment trims and notions and so much more. You may also find us on  Ecclesiastical Sewing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the page on our online store front and receive a free copy of our Small Linens Booklet as our way of saying thank you for following along.

St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade for Church Vestments

Tapestry Fabrics for Vestments: How to Measure Pattern Repeats

Finished Stoles: Fairford Black/Gold

Good Friday 2017 and Stabat Mater Dolorosa

Good Friday 2018

Lenten Stole with Two-Toned Fairford

Thoughts of Lent





  1. I have the stole pattern and have cut it and am trying to sew it but the lining, if I set it back from the edge, is fighting me with the 5/8″ SA at the neck. What do you recommend? Thanks.

    • HI Marie,
      I am so sorry – I just looked over the stole making pattern instructions and realized that when I make the stoles they are so automatic for me i forgot the important step of laying out one half of the stole and turning the fabric over on that half, and then repeating on the other side. I inserted photos of the finishing at the neckline, but that is done after each long side is done. I will do a rewrite of the instructions and get those completed and off to you. Please accept my apologies. We are human after all, and while trying to work through the instructions, there are bound to be a few corrections and modifications along the way.

      I will try to contact you personally next week to ensure all is well for you to continue with the stole.