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Narrow braids, also known as galloons, have adorned liturgical garments for centuries, enhancing their beauty. These braids often consist of silk, gold, or silver threads and come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Churches frequently add narrow braids to liturgical pieces to symbolize the importance of sacred worship and to improve their aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, the intricate designs and patterns of braids add texture to the garments. It creates a visually appealing and engaging worship experience.

Whether you are a member of the clergy, a liturgical artist, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of religious artifacts. These braids can help you elevate the quality of your liturgical pieces and make them stand out.

Gothic Chasuble Orphrey by Ecclesiastical Sewing

Gothic Chasuble Sewing Pattern Fabric Options

Chasubles are typically made of a lightweight, flowing fabric that features a large orphrey (decorative band) around the neck and down the front. There are a variety of fabric options that may be used for making chasubles, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Let’s take a few moments to explore some of the fabrics that might be used to create our Gothic Chasuble Sewing Pattern.

Bespoke custom vestments clergy garments custom ordered vestments Ecclesiastical Sewing

Custom Sized Church Vestments

Ecclesiastical Sewing offers custom-sized church vestments for clergy members who require special fits. While standard sizes work for most, bespoke vestments cater to unique sizing needs, ensuring proper length and width adjustments for a comfortable and graceful fit. The example of a petite white chasuble illustrates the customization available, making it suitable for Easter celebrations.

Church vestment fabric Liturgical Fabric Sewing church vestmentbs Making church vestments Ecclesaistical Sewing Chasuble patterns Chasuble orphrey bands

Creating Orphrey Bands for Church Vestments

Ecclesiastical Sewing introduces new Chasuble patterns with fancy trims called orphrey bands. The blog explains orphrey bands’ history and talks about the special St. Hubert Brocatelle fabric. It shows how to choose trims and cut the fabric to make these beautiful church vestments, making the process easy to understand for everyone.

O Sapientia

Advent Comes – City of David Collection

Ecclesiastical Sewing’s new Advent Collection, “City of David,” is a culmination of over a year’s work. Liturgical artist Edward Riojas’ designs were transformed into beautiful stitches using a meticulous process of digitizing and embroidery. With the addition of new frames, the embroidery process became more efficient.

Rose Vestments Rose chasuble Priest clothing chasuble and stole priestly vestments religious vestments Bishop clothing Ecclesiastical Sewing

Rose Chasuble and Stole Vestments for Advent and Lent

Gaudete is a special Sunday in Advent when the readings have a lighter tone in the middle of what is a Penitential Season. This is the third Sunday in Advent when a rose or pink candle is lit on the Advent wreath. The color change reminds us that Christmas is near. We only need to wait a bit longer and our Alleluia will resound once again. Lent is also a Penitential Season of the church year. Laetare is on the fourth Sunday in Lent

Stole Hanger Clergy stole hanger Pastor stole metal hangers

Top 5 Pastor Stole Finishing Touches

When making pastor or priest stoles in the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom, there are always a few last-minute details to stitch up before completing that final press and sending a stole off to a new church home. These guidelines when you create your own stoles just like we do in the Ecclesiastical Sewing Studios, you will be well on your way to having a finely “polished” and finished pastor or priest stole.

Custom Clergy Stoles | Custom Stoles or Priest Chasubles

How to Determine the Correct Stole Length

Pastors and priests come in all sizes from petite to very tall, with many variations in between. Our standard 4 1/2-inch wide clergy stole style is 53 inches long before adding any tassels or trims. The 53 inches is measured from the Center Back neckline to the bottom edge of the stole. The stole length is perfect fit for people who are approximately 5’6″ to 5’11” tall. The 51-inch clergy stole is designed for people who are 5’5″ tall or shorter. The 55-inch stole works well for people who are 6′ tall and over. There are many different stole styles, and the finished length of the stole will also vary based on the selected stole style.

Gothic Chasuble Pattern with Y orphrey bands church vestment pattern

Gothic Chasuble with Column Orphrey Bands

The Gothic Chasuble with the column orphrey band has shoulder seams that are different from the Y orphrey chasuble. They are considered “uneven” shoulder seams with the back seam being at a slightly different angle than the front. This allows for additional drape in the chasuble back and as the sleeves and hems hang, there is more fullness along the sides.  The Gothic Chasuble with the Column Orphrey is also a longer chasuble with a 52 to 54-inch finished length. The width of this chasuble is around 54 to 56 inches, so it easily cuts on the fold of a 56 to 60-inch wide fabric.

Church Vestment Making Classes Fall 2018

Church Vestment Making Classes Fall 2018

The Five Day Conference Includes several different Course Offerings: Beginning Stole Making, Advanced Stole Making, Pulpit Falls, and Monastic Chasubles.  Most students will start with the Beginning Stole Making Course and move on to the Advanced Stole Making or Pulpit Falls. Course Details, kit fees, and other pertinent information are available on the conference website.

Rose Church Vestment chasuble stole

New Rose Pastoral Chasuble and Stole

The use of rose vestments increases in popularity each year. The importance comes in as a means of teaching. The lessons for the day on Gaudete and Laetare Sunday have a lighter tone  – a break from the heaviness of the Penitential seasons of Advent and Lent. It lets us know that there is a joy that awaits and it is just around the corner. The joy is Christmas (and Easter). And when the rose vestments come out, Christmas (or Easter) is almost upon us.