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Custom Sized Church Vestments

Custom Church vestments come in all sizes from small to extra-large. Just as we find in the ready-to-wear fashion market, the hope is the existing size ranges will provide something that will fit almost everyone. And for many, this is true. They can usually find clothing in a petite or large or tall size as needed.

Church vestments work that way, too…………..most of the time. The stoles from Ecclesiastical Sewing are sized for the average height with a 53″ finished length. Our chasubles have average-size specs that work for most people. But sometimes, the average sizes simply will not work. That is where Custom or Bespoke Vestments come into play.

Bespoke custom vestments clergy garments custom ordered vestments Ecclesiastical Sewing

Many clergy members need special sizing for their vestments – one way or the other. Sometimes vestments such as chasuble are simply too long and too wide. Clients need petite sizes that still maintain the flow and grace of a full-sized vestment. That is where Bespoke or custom-made vestments are so very useful. The vestments can be created in a smaller size for a better fit.

White Chasuble Suitable for Easter

custom made church vestments Ecclesiastical Sewing Easter Chasuble white chasuble

This lovely white chasuble is suitable for Easter. It is an example of a petite chasuble that can be created for those needing special sizes. Along with making adjustments for the height and fullness of a chasuble, Bespoke vestments can adjust the trims used on the chasuble. The orphrey bands can be slightly scaled down to match the size adjustments better.

Chasuble White Easter Vestments Silk dupioni Chasuble clergy chasuble Clergy garments Ecclesiastical Sewing

So if you need something special, whether a size adjustment or a design variation, be sure to contact our Ecclesiastical Sewing team to learn more about the possibilities and prices of custom vestments. While not everything is possible, sometimes small changes or slight adjustments can make all of the difference in the final look and feel of the vestment.

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