White and Gold for Easter and Christmas

Easter and Christmas are the highest festivals in the church year. The vestments worn by clergy and used in the church are often decorated with white and gold.

Last Christmas, Ecclesiastical Sewing introduced a design collection entitled Dayspring. The collection features timeless and elegant designs created by our liturgical artist friend, Ed Riojas. The collection features a variety of design themes which symbolize both the Nativity of Christ and His Resurrection.  The designs were gold threads stitched on white paraments and vestments.

Below are a few examples of designs in the collection. Some of the designs are still in the works, while others have become firm favorites.

Easter Vestment designs IHC Monogram church vestments Machine embroidery Ecclesiastical sewingThis is the IHC monogram with a rising sun  – the O oriens of Advent and the Rising of the Son on Easter morning. The design also has a stole variation.

Ecclesiatical Sewing White stoles Easter Christmas Gold Clergy Stoles Church vestments priest stoles

Several of the stoles have been created, but there are still many additional options that are just waiting for someone to select the design and bring it to life.

Ecclesiastical Sewing Pomegranate Design Church vestment pulpit fall altar hannging Easter altar hangning

The Pomegranate design above is another symbol used for Christ and His Resurrection. This design has been waiting in the wings to be selected and stitched. It was stitched for the first time about 2 weeks ago and we are thrilled with the results!

Pulpit falls Church Vestments Easter Vestments Clergy vestments Ecclesiastical Sewing

The design is stunning! It combines two shades of gold in a rich combination that shimmers. Travis did a wonderful job with the machine and making suggestions for thread colors. We hope the church receiving this will enjoy it.

Easter Superfrontal Church vestments Altar hangings Christmas Church Vestments clergy stoles Altar hangings Ecclesiastical SewingThere are still many more designs available for this collection, as well as for many of our other collections that still remain as images. We wish to thank so many of our clients who have allowed us the opportunity to work with them to create beautiful designs for their churches. Your faith and trust in us are greatly appreciated and we are truly thankful!

And for those of you who are still waiting and considering ordering vestments of an altar hanging set, we invite you to contact us to learn more about the available designs and options of having beautiful vestments and altar hangings created for your church.

Soli Deo Gloria