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If you want to create your own unique liturgical vestments and church items, then consider DIY as the perfect solution. You can use a variety of sewing patterns to create stunning pieces that cater to your specific needs and preferences. DIY projects not only allow you to customize your garments. It also offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing pre-made items.

Whether you are a church group looking to outfit your members in matching vestments or an individual seeking to create a one-of-a-kind piece, sewing patterns provide creative possibilities. Ecclesiastical sewing showcases a wide range of sewing patterns that enable you to create everything from vestments to chasubles. So, why not give these patterns a try and see how they can elevate your liturgical products to the next level?

Church Stole Pattern

Church Vestment Stole Patterns for Pastors and Priests by Ecclesiastical Sewing

Discover easy-to-use sewing patterns for pastor and priest stoles at Ecclesiastical Sewing. From classic designs like the 3 1/2-inch stole to versatile options like the Transitional Deacon to Priest stole, our patterns come with clear instructions. Create unique and meaningful church vestments with our user-friendly designs.

Funeral Casket Pall Sewing Pattern Ecclesiastical Sewing

Funeral Casket Pall Sewing Pattern

The word pall comes from the Latin pallium meaning cloak.  Thus a cloak or covering – a pall  – is placed over the casket, or in ancient times, the body, of the deceased when a casket was not affordable. The use of funeral palls has a long-standing tradition dating back to at least the Middle Ages. During this time, the cloth was often rich or brightly colored, and palls were often richly embroidered. In America and Canada, the palls used today are often white. Palls may be decorated with embroidery or contrasting fabrics.

Shaped Cross back Chasuble by Ecclesiastical Sewing

Latin Mass Chasuble Sewing Pattern: Introducing our New Shaped Cross Design

The Latin Mass Chasuble Sewing Pattern boasts a shaped cross design, offering a classic and refined appearance for your liturgical attire. Furthermore, the pattern provides comprehensive instructions for crafting a durable and striking vestment. This Latin Mass Chasuble Sewing Pattern is one of the latest sewing pattern treasures that we offer for those who are on this journey

Gothic Chasuble Orphrey by Ecclesiastical Sewing

Gothic Chasuble Sewing Pattern Fabric Options

Chasubles are typically made of a lightweight, flowing fabric that features a large orphrey (decorative band) around the neck and down the front. There are a variety of fabric options that may be used for making chasubles, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Let’s take a few moments to explore some of the fabrics that might be used to create our Gothic Chasuble Sewing Pattern.

Bespoke Vestments and Paraments

The term “bespoke” means something that’s made especially for a particular user. In other words, it’s something that we have designed, or at least customized. Here at Ecclesiastical Sewing, we have a wide variety of ready-made designs for bespoke vestments and paraments of all kinds. Basic selections include stoles, as well as pulpit, falls, or communion table/altar frontals with little decoration besides a plain orphrey

A discussion about Chasubles

The chasuble was an ordinary garment, and very full in form. The idea was that the cloth would cover the wearer’s clothes, providing extra warmth and protection from the elements. Romans called this piece of clothing a “clasura,” or “little house.” This garment evolved into a liturgical vestment that became specific to priests and used only during celebrations of the Mass.


Do you have your favorite Violet Stole Style Selected Yet? Lent is coming!

Some of our favorite fabrics, the richly historic pattern – Fairford, along with the Winchester Brocade. The Brocades are available in deep violet color. Violet is the color used by a wide number of church bodies during the season of Lent. The color violet is used for Lent because it is associated with mourning.  We reflect on the mysteries of Christ and remember the pain and suffering of His crucifixion. Violet is also the color of royalty and it reminds us that we will soon celebrate Christ’s resurrection and sovereignty.

Ordination photo; Pastor ordination stole, Red stole, Reformation stole, Lutheran Stole, Ecclesiastical Sewing

Custom Crafted Ordination Stoles

Ordination and being installed as the pastor at a church is a special time for clergy. There are often special services that are planned in honor of the event. The ordination and installation service is a time when a new pastor gets to wear their first stole. The vestment color for ordination and installation is red and so tradition often dictates the gifting of a red stole

CHurch Vestment pattern, Clergy Stole Pattern, Priest Stole pattern, making church Vestments, Ecclesiastical Sewing

Top Five Traditional Clergy Stole Patterns for Church Vestment

Ecclesiastical Sewing has developed a range of clergy stole patterns to cater to various preferences and historical inspirations. The top five traditional stole patterns include: 4.5 Inch Stole Pattern. A versatile workhorse pattern with a width that accommodates embroidery designs. V-Neck Stole Pattern: Slightly wider at almost 5 inches and featuring a V-shaped point at the back neckline. 3.5 Inch Stole Pattern: Reflecting the historical description by George Tack. Deacon Stole Pattern: It features mitered seams at the shoulder and hip. Lastly, Tapered Stole Pattern: Reflecting changes in history, this stole style is characterized by a narrow fitted neckline that gradually widens at the hemline.

Church Vestment sewing patterns, Traditional Vestment patterns, Priest vestment patterns, Latin Mass Vestment Patterns

Traditional Church Vestment Sewing Patterns

Ecclesiastical Sewing provides traditional church vestment patterns for creating garments for clergies. The choice of vestments depends on the worship service style. For more traditional services, Gothic Style Chasuble with a fuller design is recommended. Monastic Style Chasuble with heavy folds is another option offered by Ecclesiastical Sewing. The Roman chasuble pattern is available in one-size-fits-all, while graded sizes from small to large are available for Gothic and Monastic styles.

Traditional Priest alb Linen alb vintage alb sewing pattern church vestment pattern Ecclesiastical Sewing

Traditional Linen Alb Priest Vestment Sewing Pattern

The Alb is worn over the cassock and amice.  It has the traditional narrow shoulder yokes, narrow band collar, front opening, sleeves that taper at the wrist, and a full skirt with side godet inserts. The Alb sewing pattern also has apparel details at the sleeve edge and hem. The Vintage Linen Alb Sewing pattern will require between 5.5 and 6.5 yards of 60″ wide fabric. The Alb could be made with the white Carlisle fabric as well for those who require to wear it.

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