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A Book Of Designs?

Design Book

Did you know we have a book of designs?

We understand how challenging it can be to find beautiful line drawings suitable for creating machine or hand embroidery designs for church vestments. We’ve curated a collection of designs from our studio and our extensive archive of vintage patterns, compiling them into a book for your use in crafting church vestments.

Embroidery Design Book
Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design Book by Ecclesiastical Sewing

The designs include a variety of crosses, border patterns, and motifs for church linens, among others. There are designs for various seasons of the church year, such as Lent, Trinity, and Pentecost.

Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design Book by Ecclesiastical Sewing
Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design Book by Ecclesiastical Sewing

This book features over 68 pages with 180 designs, ranging from simple cross patterns to more complex motifs and monograms. The collection includes medallions, borders, bands, and other symbols.

For those of you who already have the book… Do us a favor and message us back if there would be any interest in volume 2?

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