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Liturgical Embroidery Design: Summer has finally arrived in Northern Minnesota, and the last week was a little wild in many ways. The past week saw a severe storm in our area that caused a great deal of damage. Thankfully the worst thing to report at my home is one tree down in the backyard.  After the flurry of activity with the storm, it is now time to settle down and get back to ………. creating new hand embroidery designs for Church Vestments and church linens.

Fleur de lis Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design
church linen hand embroidery design

When making a new Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design for church linens, sometimes things work out, and sometimes………. well things are not quite on target (time to admit I am not a master at these design programs). And so it goes for tonight. A new Liturgical hand embroidery pattern is complete, but the file refused to be saved in the correct format.

Design Symbolism

The hand embroidery pattern on the above picture is a combination of two design motifs frequently used as Christian symbols. The first is the Fleur de lis which symbolizes purity and often represents the Trinity. The Virgin Mary and the angel Gabrielle are also represented by the Fleur de lis.  This particular design is also reminiscent of the pomegranate. At this stage, the design is still a work in progress. The initial form and shape are nice, but some of the details need more revision.

Future Plans

There are plans for this little design, and I hope they work. The plan is to start with this little design and see what can be done by combining it in different ways suitable to different vestments. The simplest design is to combine four images to create a cross,  or, what about a border? Time will tell if the experiment is a success, and I will be sure to keep you posted.

In the meantime, this design could be stitched as a white-work design with padded satin stitch around the central flower, and an outline on the side flowers and stem. A trailing stitch would also be nice. Seed stitch filling?…. yes, that might be just the finishing touch.

So, this first part of the experiment has been a good start, but the design still needs work. I will keep you posted on any updates with the design. For more free hand-embroidery designs, visit this link for a small scroll cross design.

Solo Dei Gloria

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