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Hand Embroidery Design Small Linens

Hand Embroidery Design Small Linens: The summer season is approaching, and it might be a good time to start thinking about small altar linens. The Easter season is coming to an end and the green liturgical vestments will soon make their appearance for what seems a very long time. Summer is a good time to take a break and start refreshing things.  At home, we open the windows and get some cleaning, and De-cluttering underway. Things are nice and fresh, and our space feels nice again. And while we work through our own spaces at home, it is also a good time to give the sacristy a once over and take inventory of church linens such as purificators, lavabos, and corporals before everyone takes off for summer months and travel.

For those churches who have volunteers taking small altar linens home for washing, think about having a “turn in before summer” request go out asking that whoever might have church linens at home, either in the wash, waiting to be ironed, unwashed, or worse yet, forgotten and mildew stained, regardless of condition, have those small linens turned in. Get an inventory, and then, start plans for refreshing what is needed.

Design for Church Linens

As I have been thinking about this same process for my church, the thought of hand embroidery designs comes to mind. There are several ladies interested in working in hand embroidery, but they have little to no experience with embroidery. They are quilters, and love hand work, so that should help. I have been keeping an eye open in search of small tasteful, and simple designs which would be suited for use in hand embroidery designs for church linens. Thankfully, there are a few that come to mind. Today, I will share one of the designs with you.

Altar Linen Embroidery Design

Altar Linen Embroidery Design with Basic Stitches

The design is a simple cross with three rays in each corner between cross bars. The Altar Linen Embroidery Design is available in 4 sizes, for purificators, lavabos, corporal a, and even the corners of a fair linen.  This church linen embroidery design will use a few basic stitches such as the split stitch for an outline, and a stem stitch for the rays. We could even do a seed stitch filling in the center of the cross. The cross could also be worked in a voided satin stitch, but I think we will pass on that idea for now.

I am off to do more work on small altar linen embroidery designs. Until next time, thanks for reading.

Solo Dei Gloria

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